06 Oct 2013: Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Amersham station

06 Oct 2013: Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Amersham station

Walk descriptor Practice walk  
Day 01 Start to end time 07h 12m
Date Sun 06 Oct 2013 Cu miles 23
Start point Aylesbury Vale Parkway End point Amersham station
Miles today 23.2 Miles left 9999


Today’s weather Sunny all day, mild for the time of year, no wind, excellent visibility


2013-10-07 23.53.31


25k route overview AVP Am

Today’s location

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GPX based track of today’s walk

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This was a lengthy walk, done to test out a walk I will be leading for the Long Distance Walkers’ Association in January 2014.   A thoroughly enjoyable hike, with an interesting contrast between the flat landscape and extensive urbanisation at the start and the hilly beechwoods and extensive views from the Chilterns later on.   There is a ruined mediaeval village just outside Aylesbury at the start, which is less spectacular than it sounds, but standing in the middle of it , even though you are no more than a couple of miles from the town centre, it is possible to look in all directions and see most no trace of human settlement.

The views from the Boer War memorial at Coombe Hill were spectacular.   You are supposed to be able to see seven counties from up there.   Later on, there is plenty of scenic and human interest, for example the Roald Dahl memorabilia in Gt Missenden.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Aylesbury Vale Parkway Ruins of Mediaeval village

Aylesbury Vale Parkway

Ruined village of Quarrendon

Wendover Coombe Hill Boer War monument


Coombe Hill Monument

Roald Dahl museum Amersham station

Gt Missenden (Roald Dahl Museum on left)

Amersham – metroland!


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