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15 December 2013: Holt to Weybourne

15 December 2013: Holt to Weybourne
Walk descriptor Test walk Day 00
Date Sun 15 Dec 2013 Start to end time 06h 29m
Start point Holt End point Weybourne (loop)
Miles today 17.26 Cu miles 0,000.00
Ft today 857 Cu ft 000,000
Route miles left 0,000 Route ft left 000,000
Today’s weather Sunny at start, clouded over in afternoon.  Stiff breeze from south east.   started cool but finished very mild (10 deg)   Rain for an hour about 2pm
2013-12-15 16.53.38 2013-12-15 16.53.18
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Another glorious day’s walking from Holt.   A 17 mile circular walk, taking in Weybourne and Cley (pronounced “Cligh”).   Sunny at the start though with mare’s tail clouds which the meteorologists among us will know are usually a harbinger of stormy weather.   And indeed even though it wasn’t stormy, by early afternoon it was cloudy and raining and the wind had strengthened.

Soon after leaving Holt, we came to the excellent view point from near Kelling Heath over to the village of Weybourne, then passed by Weybourne station on the North Norfolk railway (formerly the Midland and Great Northern Railway, also known as the “Muddle and Going Nowhere” Railway).   Today they were running “Santa Special” steam trains.  We decided to give it a miss..

Walked down to the coast at Weybournbe (a pub and a couple of shops – but all shut today, as it was a Sunday).   The beach is windswept shingle – very hard to walk over, a bit like deep snow with hard bits.   A lot worse now, as a result of the storm surge on 5 December, which had covered the path with shingle and other debris.   The wind was quite strong and, combined with the shingle, made the 4 miles along the beach to Cley a bit of a slog.   A few hardy fishermen were out, trying to catch Dab (a flatfish) but to me it looked like pretty miserable way of spending an afternoon.

At Cley, the coastal defences had been breached by thestorm surge, and the normal path to Cley from the beach was closed as it had been swept away in parts.   Cley itself was looking a bit down-at-heel but we managed to find a nice delicatessen for lunch.  Made the mistake though of buying a small bag of chocolate cherries which at £5.30 a bag meant they cost approximately 50p each.   Had a look at the windmill where James Blunt, the singer, apparently spent his childhood.

Back to Cley via Leatheringsett as it started to rain and began to get dark.  By the time we were back at the flat, it was, once again, completely dark.


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
IMG_3515 IMG_3521
Gresham’s school, Holt.   V. upmarket Val on way out of Holt
IMG_3526a IMG_3537
Enjoying the view over Kelling Heath North Norfolk railway station at Weybourne (a mile outside the village because landowners in village centre in late 19th century wouldn’t sell their land)
IMG_3545 IMG_3558
Joining Peddars Way on beach at Weybourne Fishing for dab near Salthouse Marshes.   Cold.
View over to the windmill at Cley – childhood home of James Blount (aka Blunt)
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