20 Oct 2013: Carlisle to Walton

20 Oct 2013: Carlisle to Walton
Walk descriptor Hadrian’s Wall  
Day 02 Start to end time 08h 03m
Date Sun 20 Oct 2013 Cu miles 29
Start point Carlisle End point Walton
Miles today 15.7 Miles left 60


Today’s weather Very mild; overcast to start with; sunshine and showers later.   heavy downpour just outside Carlisle


2013-10-20 18.31.22 - a


2013-10-20 17.59.38

Today’s location

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GPX based track of today’s walk

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Second day on Hadrian’s Wall.   For the first time, about five miles West of Carlisle, we actually saw the first signs of a structure on the path that looked vaguely as if it might have been Hadrian’s Wall (up to here, it has been mostly fields and gentle hills – a distinct lack of towering ramparts!).   A very enjoyable walk, although we didn’t exactly rush it.   Stopped in Carlisle to visit a petrol station to pick up lunch, batteries and coffee.   Enjoyed a coffee break in the park while Pete found the second of today’s nine geocaches.   Staying at Low Rigg farm B&B tonight – very nice, very rural and very definitely a working farm.   Taxi to pub at 7:30…


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

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IMG_2738 IMG_2744

Enjoying a coffee in park at Carlisle

M6 near Carlisle.   Goodness knows how many times I have driven past here and never looked up..

IMG_2745 IMG_2748a

By the river Eden west of Carlisle

Hadrian’s honesty box at Blea Tarn..

IMG_2746a IMG_2756

First real signs of the Wall, near Blea Tarn

Late afternoon sunshine near Walton


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