23 Nov 2013: Ashridge to Aldbury

23 Nov 2013: Ashridge to Aldbury
Walk descriptor Test walk Day 00
Date Sat 23 Nov 2013 Start to end time 02h 49m
Start point Ashridge End point Aldbury
Miles today 06.99 Cu miles 0,006.99
Ft today 869 Cu ft 869
Route miles left 0,000 Route ft left 000,000
Today’s weather Light drizzle at start, sunny spells later.   No wind, cool (about 6 C)
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A short walk in the North Chilterns, starting and ending at the National Trust car park at Ashridge, near the Bridgewater Monument.   Lots of interesting natural and human history.   The estate was once owned by the Bridgewater family and the family home at Ashridge is now a management college (poor buggers…).   The third Earl of Bridgewater is commemorated in a memorial tower which is open to the public in the summer.   He made his name by building the first of the UK’s canals and thereby making the industrial revolution possible.   The walk was a late autumn stroll through the beech woods, with fine views from the Chiltern escarpment especially over the Vale of Aylesbury.   It is a late Autumn this year, so the trees were still putting on a good display of colour.   Basic but excellent tea shop near the monument at the end.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
Photo 23-11-2013 13 29 27 Photo 23-11-2013 13 30 43
Approaching the Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge National Trust

The father of inland navigation

Photo 23-11-2013 13 43 55 Photo 23-11-2013 14 24 20
From Chiltern escarpment looking back towards Aldbury

On the Ridgeway near Brook’s Statnalls Wood

Photo 23-11-2013 14 59 59 Photo 23-11-2013 15 12 01a
Spindletree berries


Photo 23-11-2013 14 09 34
Inchcombe Hole chalk grassland
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