23 Oct 2013: Haydon Bridge to Corbridge

23 Oct 2013: Haydon Bridge to Corbridge
Walk descriptor Hadrian’s Wall  
Day 05 Start to end time 08h 29m
Date Wed 23 Oct 2013 Cu miles 72.3
Start point Haydon Bridge End point Corbridge
Miles today 16.9 Miles left 27


Today’s weather Sunshine and showers, some heavy.   A bit cooler than previous days but still quite mild for the time of year.   Especially wet and quite strong westerly wind in the morning


2013-10-23 18.07.25


2013-10-23 18.08.14

Today’s location

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GPX based track of today’s walk

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An easy, but long, walk.   Mostly close to General Wade’s military road (some of which was built on the foundations of Hadrian’s Wall).   Managed to dodge most of the showers though did get caught in a couple of downpours.   But after the rain there was sun, and some spectacular rainbows, especially to the East of Chollerford, near where the Hadrian’s Wall path joins the end of St Oswald’s Way.   Lots of interesting fungi en route, including Waxcaps, which are apparently a feature of Hadrian’s Wall and show that the ground has been undisturbed for centuries.   The tea shop at Chesters fort was closed for the winter so we didn’t visit the ruins.   But the cafe down the road at the petrol station was excellent.   Overnight tonight at Norgate B&B in Corbridge and dinner at the Bull.


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)


IMG_2870 IMG_2874

Last night’s B&B – the Old Repeater Station.   Quirky

Waxcaps near Milecastle 30

IMG_2912 IMG_2922

Spectacular rainbow near Heaven Fields

I’m sure there is a cure for this…

IMG_2926 IMG_2934

Roadsign at Haydon open to several different interpretations

Halton Castle – with quite possibly the tallest chimneys I have ever seen outside of those on a coal-fired power station


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