24 Nov 2013: Henley to Nettlebed

24 Nov 2013: Henley to Nettlebed
Walk descriptor Test walk Day 00
Date Sun 24 Nov 2013 Start to end time 07h 15m
Start point Henley End point Nettlebed
Miles today 20.31 Cu miles 0,000.00
Ft today 1,910 Cu ft 000,000
Route miles left 0,000 Route ft left 000,000
Today’s weather Occasional sun but mostly drizzly with low cloud.   No wind, average temp (around 6 dec C)
2013-11-24 16.17.41 2013-11-24 16.18.04
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Excellent day’s walking courtesy of Thames Valley Long Distance Walkers’ Association.   The south Chilterns to the west of Henley were looking their best with fine autumn colours still on the beech trees.   Passed through the grounds of Grey’s Court National Trust property on the way – worth a return visit at some point.   Occasional sun early in the day but mostly a bit drizzly with some low cloud, but still with some good views (including Didcot power station – which is seemingly visible from wherever you are in the Chilterns!).   Sandwich lunch in the churchyard at Checkendon.   A few pubs in en route but very few shops so pre-packed lunch a necessity.   Started at 9 am and finished just as it was getting dark around 4:15pm.   A really enjoyable day out.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
Photo 24-11-2013 09 22 02 Photo 24-11-2013 10 06 19
Looking East from Oxfordshire Way near Henley Park


Grey’s Court National Trust
Photo 24-11-2013 11 00 10 Photo 24-11-2013 15 10 17
Near Highmoor Church at Rotherfield Peppard


Photo 24-11-2013 09 24 45 Photo 24-11-2013 13 05 05
Near Nettlebed Lunch stop at Checkendon


Photo 24-11-2013 09 28 43a
Beechwoods near Ipsden
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