24 Oct 2013: Corbridge to Wylam

24 Oct 2013: Corbridge to Wylam
Walk descriptor Hadrian’s Wall  
Day 06 Start to end time 08h 04m
Date Thu 24 Oct 2013 Cu miles 88.6
Start point Corbridge End point Wylam
Miles today 16.3 Miles left 14.6


Today’s weather NO RAIN!!  Warm sunshine almost all day.  Very little wind.  A real Indian Summer’s day


2013-10-24 17.46.31


2013-10-23 18.08.14

Today’s location

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GPX based track of today’s walk

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Overnight last night in Corbridge which was a charming town.   Excellent pub meal and interesting shops.   After a steep climb back up to the Wall this morning, a very straightforward walk alongside the Wall, which became increasingly indistinct the further East we went.   By the end of the day, Hadrian’s Wall had pretty much become just a ditch, and even then only visible occasionally.   This was the first day when it didn’t rain at all and boots almost started to dry out.   Warm late autumn sunshine made it a pleasure.   At the end of the day, caught the first glimpses of Newcastle in the distance, then walked down to the banks of the river Tyne.   Slightly counter-intuitively, we turned back West and walked along the Wylam Waggonway (and the birthplace of George Stephenson, now a National Trust property) to our overnight at Wormald House, in Wylam.   Dinner tonight at the nearby Fox and Hounds pub.


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)


IMG_2966 IMG_2976

I somehow don’t think this will fly…

Big skyscape near Vallum Farm teashop

IMG_2980 IMG_2989

The man in the mirror…

Plenty of this over the last few days..

IMG_3001 IMG_3018

Above Whittle Dene reservoir

Last of summer…Red admirals on ivy near Vindobala fort


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