25 Oct 2013: Wylam to Newcastle

25 Oct 2013: Wylam to Newcastle
Walk descriptor Hadrian’s Wall  
Day 07 Start to end time 07h 54m
Date Fri 25 Oct 2013 Cu miles 105.2
Start point Wylam End point Newcastle
Miles today 16.6 Miles left 0.0


Today’s weather Very dull and wet at first, brightened up during the day then mild sunny afternoon.   Heavy thunderstorm passed to the North (and missed us) at end of the day.   Still mild, little wind


2013-10-25 17.57.42


2013-10-25 17.57.08

Today’s location

(the red circle and cross shows where I am at the moment)

GPX based track of today’s walk

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I was expecting to get up this morning to clear skies and a crisp frosty morning – but sadly that wasn’t the case and once again the heavens opened and we stepped out of the B&B into grey skies and a deluge of rain.   We followed the river Tyne towards the coast and by lunchtime, it started to dry up and eventually the sun came out.   Stopped off in Lemington for a cup of coffee and a cherry scone with butter (actually the latter was a thick margarine sandwich – a bit of a mistake!).   By the time we got to Newcastle, the sun was shining and the city looked its best.   Continued along the Walk (by now Hadrian was completely not in evidence) for another, rather hard, 4 miles to the end of the walk at Wallsend.   As we arrived, a huge thunderstorm crashed overhead, so it was an atmospheric end to a spectacular walk.   Took the Metro to Whitley Bay for overnight at Ainsley B&B.

A truly memorable walk, highly recommended.


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)


IMG_3027a IMG_3043

An unprepossessing start to the day at Wylam

Yes the child on the horse really is carrying a GPS unit…

IMG_3070 IMG_3076

Metro bridge in Newcastle

Looking back to the “Blinking Eye” footbridge and gathering storm

IMG_3080 IMG_3089

Team photo at the end of the Wall at Segedunum Roman fort

Mission accomplished – next instalment starts 31 March 2014…


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