30 December 2013: Amersham Chalfont St Giles circuit

30 December 2013: Amersham Chalfont St Giles circuit
Walk descriptor Test walk Day 00
Date Mon 30 Dec 2013 Start to end time 03h 47m
Start point Amersham End point Chalfont St Giles (circuit)
Miles today 14.02 Cu miles 0,000.00
Ft today 1061 Cu ft 000,000
Route miles left 0,000 Route ft left 000,000
Today’s weather Started off very wet and windy, but mild.   Then very quickly at about 11:45 the rain stopped, it got colder, the clouds cleared, and it turned into a bright and breezy afternoon.
20131230-150408.jpg 20131230-150359.jpg
Today’s location
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GPX based track of today’s walk
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I had meant to get up early today, and make the most of my extended Xmas holiday by going on a long walk before lunch.   But one look through the bedroom curtains put paid to that idea.   Leaden skies, high wind, lashing down rain.   Eventually decided to brave it at about 10:30 but got off to a bad start when I discovered that my over-trousers, which I had put out in the garden to dry yesterday, had now migrated to the bottom of a flower-bed and were saturated with rain.

Once the over-trousers were mopped dry, I set off on this 14 mile circular walk, taking in the Misbourne valley, Chalfont St Giles, Chenies, and Latimer.   Not much desire for extended sightseeing on the way, though did pass near to Milton’s cottage in Chalfont St Giles, home of the poet John Milton for part of his life, and right past Chenies Manor, occasionally open to the public.

As yesterday, the paths were extremely muddy but waterproof boots and socks seemed to do their job again.   Either that or I was already too wet to notice..

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
20131230-154909.jpg 20131230-154925.jpg
More like Amersham-on-Sea than Amersham-on-the-Hill this morning. Sign of things to come!
20131230-154941.jpg 20131230-154958.jpg
Looking through tunnel to church in Chalfont St Giles Promise of slightly better weather in the afternoon
20131230-155015.jpg 20131230-155054.jpg
Path + wall to wall mud = unhappy hiker Badger sett near Blackwell Hall
Fifty shades of grey (green and brown) looking up the Misbourne valley towards Amersham
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