8 December 2013: Blisworth to Nether Heyford

8 December 2013: Blisworth to Nether Heyford
Walk descriptor Test walk Day 00
Date Sun 8 Dec 2013 Start to end time 06h 54m
Start point Blisworth End point Nether Heyford (loop)
Miles today 18.54 Cu miles 0,000.00
Ft today 774 Cu ft 000,000
Route miles left 0,000 Route ft left 000,000
Today’s weather Low winter sunshine most of the day, quite mild for the time of year (about 8 C) and light south west breeze
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Today’s location
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GPX based track of today’s walk
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An really enjoyable day walk in Northamptonshire – a part of the country I normally just drive through on the way up North.   Excellently organised by the Bucks, Beds and Northants group of the Long Distance Walkers’ Association.   Started in the village of Blisworth and passed through Astcote, Eastcote, Nether Heyford (for lunch), Kislingbury and the outskirts of Northampton.   Attractive, undiscovered villages along the way, built in almost-orange ironstone.   Some interesting and unexpected sights along the way – including the Express Lift Tower in Northampton (looks for all the world like the chimney of a large power station but actually used by Otis to test lifts), the Heygates flour mill (which is apparently open for bulk sale of flour to the public) and the Blisworth Canal Tunnel which, at nearly 2 miles is the third longest canal tunnel in the UK.   The walking was good – not too muddy and despite some rain last week, was mostly pretty dry.   Finished back at the car park near Blisworth tunnel portal just as it was getting dark, in time to enjoy a spectacular sunset for the drive back home down the M1

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
IMG_3399 IMG_3409a
Sheep grazing near Astbury If you get the microscope out, you might make out the 3 deer in the centre of the photo
IMG_3420 IMG_3428
Grooves worn in the bridge by ropes attached to the horse-drawn tow-boats Saturn 5 cast offs arrive at Heygates flour mill
IMG_3446 IMG_3447
Sculptures in scrap wire near Milton Malsor Junction of Grand Union Canal and Northampton Arm at Blisworth Junction
The M1 at Rothersthorpe as you never saw it before..
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