Day 03: 26 Mar 2014; St Just to St Ives

Day 03: 26 Mar 2014; St Just to St Ives
Walk descriptor LEJOG2014 Day 03
Date Wed 26 Mar 2014 Start to end time 08h 31m
Start point St Just End point St Ives
Miles today 15.84 Cu miles 66.13
Ft today 3,865 Cu ft 13,399
Route miles left 1,401.74 Route ft left 179,442
Today’s weather Grey and overcast all day. Occasional downpours of icy cold rain. Strong northerly wind. No sun. About 8 C
IMG_0745 IMG_0746
Today’s location
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GPX based track of today’s walk
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“I’d like to say that I had deliberately planned today’s walk to be shorter than the last two – but actually it was only shorter because no other campsites in the area were open (most are shut till Easter). Anyway I was glad I had because the coastal path today was exceptionally hard. It repeatedly went down to sea-level then immediately climbed up again to 300 ft before dropping precipitously again. It’s hard to get into a rhythm and the going underfoot isn’t easy, either. So 16 miles and 4000 ft of climbing today was plenty for me.

The coast is wild and pretty bleak along this section. No welcoming shops or cafes – in fact very few signs of human habitation at all, except derelict tin mines, of which there were plenty. All in seriously dilapidated condition, with ominous looking mineshafts nearby, and only the thinnest of wire fences stopping you from falling in. Spectacular views, with hidden coves and crashing Atlantic rollers

Near the end of the day’s walk I came across the Trevalgan “ancient” stone circle. Exactly how authentic it is I don’t know, but the interpretive sign had an interesting tale to tell.

Finished the day at Ayr campsite in St Ives which is extraordinarily upmarket. There is even underfloor heating in the washrooms – I must take care not to get used to it as it certainly isn’t the norm in my experience of UK camping! Dinner at a pizza restaurant in St Ives – a buzzing town which also has an “up-market” feel. There is even a Tate gallery here.
Just noticed that although I have walked 41 miles to here from Marazion, I am actually only 6 miles away.   Hmmm.   Land’s End diversion added 35 miles!   I’m sure I am a better person for it though! ”

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
IMG_5139 IMG_5157
Discovered new self-timer feature on iPhone so tested it out in tent this morning. In retrospect perhaps not a good idea.. Foam blown off stormy sdea – about 200 m inland and 50 m up the shore
IMG_5164 IMG_5168
Curious crystalline inclusions in the granite – any ideas? Typical coast scene, looking south to Pendeen
IMG_5175 IMG_5179
Stone Circle near St Ives – the info plaque says it was created in memory of the beautiful women of St Ives(!) Tent successfully installed at Ayr campsite. Amazing place – the loos have underfloor heating!
Panorama from Geevor mine, near Botallack. I was reading last week about someone who found a piece of rock near here that was emitting 750x background radiation levels. Presumably there is Uranium in them thaar hills…
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