Day 05: 28 Mar 2014; Redruth to Holywell

Day 05: 28 Mar 2014; Redruth to Holywell
Walk descriptor LEJOG2014 Day 05
Date Fri 28 Mar 2014 Start to end time 06h 51m
Start point Redruth End point Holywell
Miles today 15.59 Cu miles 100.54
Ft today 1,970 Cu ft 17,829
Route miles left 1,367.63 Route ft left 174,081
Today’s weather Showery – heavy rain with some brighter intervals between. Cool, about 7 C. Light northerly breeze. Occasional sun
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“This was a definitely a day of two halves.

After a pretty chilly night’s “sleep” in ice-glazed tent, I didn’t particularly relish an interminable slog along the coast path. So in the morning, I set off north towards Perranporth, walking inland on quiet country lanes. The scenery was unremarkable – pleasantly rural but nothing spectacular, unlike the coast. And it rained on an off all morning. Plenty of interesting plants in bloom along the way, but not a lot more to report.

Arrived at Perranporth around lunchtime and the sun came out. Sat on the seafront for Cornish pasty lunch, fighting off the seagulls looking for an easy meal. The sea was being whipped up into fearsome breakers and crashing spectacularly onto the shore and cliffs. Unsurprisingly nobody was swimming! Discovered that Perranporth was the birth place of Donald Healey, of Austin Healey fame, and there is a memorial garden in his honour.

Walked along the coast path to Holywell, for the second half of the day. I really enjoyed the hike through the dunes, then above the cliffs near Penhale military camp. Spectacular views of massive waves lashing sheer granite cliffs near Penhale Point, then into Holywell and Park Dean Holiday Camp for the night.

Arrival at the campsite was a bit of a transition from the sublime to reality. The showers aren’t working, for a start, and I’m writing this in the lounge, sitting next to a group of blokes in fancy dress with T shirts proclaiming that they are the “P*ssed Pirates of Newquay” on tour. And watching the wrestling on TV. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
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I always thought Cornwall was famous for its cream teas. Clearly the rural areas have more to offer Plenty of wild flowers – I think this is comfrey
IMG_5258 IMG_5302
Funny what you notice if you just look. The seat I had my lunch on at Perranporth was dedicated to the memory of Donald Healey, of Austin Healey fame, who was born in Perranporth Overlooking Perran beach
IMG_5311 IMG_5314
OK well this seems pretty clear then.. Goodness knows what this is, encountered near Penhale Camp. But I bet you can get BBC 2 on it
Panorama looking back towards Perranporth from the dunes by Perran beach
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