Day 10: 02 Apr 2014; St Gennys to Elmscott

Day 10: 02 Apr 2014; St Gennys to Elmscott
Walk descriptor LEJOG2014 Day 10
Date Wed 02 Apr 2014 Start to end time 08h 26m
Start point St Gennys End point Elmscott
Miles today 21.27 Cu miles 198.73
Ft today 3,902 Cu ft 36,381
Route miles left 1,274.00 Route ft left 157,337
Today’s weather Started off raining then deied up abpit 11 and weak sun shone briefly. Overcast all aftyernoon, drizzle in evening. Easterly breeze. About 14 C
IMG_0774 IMG_0773
Today’s location
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GPX based track of today’s walk
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“I was well rested after my unexpected night under a roof at Coxford and after four cups of tea and a caffeine laced energy gel bar for breakfast, I was positively buzzing. I hadn’t been particularly looking forward to this stage of the walk, as I’d heard from other walkers that the coastal path north of here was especially challenging. Also, I was aiming for Elmscott Youth Hostel for the night which even on a conservative estimate was over 20 miles away.

I started off in heavy rain – not the most auspicious beginning to the day – but it slowly brightened up and by the time I got to Bude, at 8 miles, it was almost sunny. It was a lot milder than lately, so for much of the day I was walking in a T shirt. The cool Easterly breeze stopped me getting too sweaty.

In order to make the day more manageable, I had re-planned my route to take in quite a lot of road-walking. In order to help ease the monotony of road-walking, I put my earphones on and switched on my music. It certainly helped pass the miles though I am sure my one-sided karaoke must have startled the occasional walkers who I met coming the other way!

In fact the day went straightforwardly – I managed to walk the coast path more than I expected and I didn’t find it quite as excruciating as on earlier days. I suppose 10 days of hiking must do something for the stamina. En route, a couple of large hares hopped by to check me out – they seemed enormous – like small deer, almost! And near Bude, bluebells were coming out in the hedgerows – really feeling like spring now.

The seascapes are changing a bit too – the cliffs are every bit as impressive as further south, but seem to be more shale than granite now.   And – after 10 days walking, at 195 miles today I finally left Cornwall and entered Devon.   Tangible progress, of sorts!

Overnight at Elmscott youth Hostel tonight. It’s very simple but just what I needed. Self catering tonight for the first time, too – if you really want to know, I am having macaroni cheese and chicken tikka, followed by ambrosia rice pudding and custard. All from cans, of course. Mmmm..”

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
IMG_5634  IMG_5648
Curious inhabitants of this drain near St Gennys. Yes, they are goldfish Dramatic and forbidding rock slabs plunging to the sea near Bude
IMG_5675 IMG_5686a hare
I couldn’t help wondering if the inhabitant of the upper left window of this pub at Bude had perhaps been enjoying Mother’s Day a little too much? This well camouflaged but enormous hare came to check me out on the path near Houndapitt Farm
IMG_5701 IMG_5713
This inscription on the bridge near Welcombe proclaims that King William IV donated the princely (well kingly I suppose) sum of £20 towards its construction in 1836 “Fear God, Hour the King”! For a moment when I saw this sign I thought I had taken a wrong turn somewhere and was rather dramatically off course…
 IMG_5658a surfer
Surfers on Widemouth Bay. Not very inviting, but they seemed to be enjoying it!
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