Day 28: 20 Apr 2014; Rhayader to Llangurig

Day 28: 20 Apr 2014; Rhayader to Llangurig
Walk descriptor LEJOG2014 Day 28
Date Sun 20 Apr 2014 Start to end time 07h 30m
Start point Rhayader End point Llangurig
Miles today 15.77 Cu miles 526.47
Ft today 3,050 Cu ft 85,864
Route miles left 951.53 Route ft left 115,582
Today’s weather Dull and overcast all day. Started raining around 2pm. Cold easterly wind. About 8 C
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Today’s location
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GPX based track of today’s walk
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“This morning dawned cold and grey. Although there was no frost, it was a bit disappointing to see no sun. It’s been so pleasant getting up in the sunshine every day for the last week, that today seemed a bit of a let-down in comparison. There was a cold easterly wind blowing, and it stayed grey and cold all day. The rain held off until I almost reached the campsite, so I didn’t get excessively wet, though.

I was away by 8 am and as I only had a short, 15 mile, walk to Llangurig today, I enjoyed a relatively leisurely stroll over the three ranges of hills between Rhayader and my destination. I thoroughly enjoyed these upland sections – despite the bleakness and chill, I feel much more at home up there than I do rambling through verdant lowland pastures. Even the sheep – which are absolutely everywhere – seem a bit more rugged than those at lower levels.

The scenery along the way was interesting – Silurian slates, I understand – and I saw no walkers at all, all day. Despite being one of the busiest Bank Holiday weekends of the year. It certainly felt very far away from it all as I was hiking in my gore-tex bubble over the fells.

My campsite is actually some way out of Llangurig so I stopped in the town as I passed through. As I’d feared, this being Easter weekend, the one and only shop is closed until next Tuesday, but fortunately I’m carrying enough spare food to get me through tomorrow’s hike. I dropped in at the Blue Bell pub for a very welcome cup of tea and packet of peanuts. I enjoyed it so much that I have walked back here tonight for dinner.   (And another generous customer at the pub gave me a donation to the Scouts – Cheers!!)

I was slightly disappointed to discover that tonight’s campsite has a shower (and yes a mean a shower – one for the whole campsite an £1 for 5 min of hot water so you have to be quick). I was rather enjoying not having to get changed all day..

Tomorrow promises to be a very tough day – well over 20 miles to Machynlleth, and ascent of Plinlymon along the way. With the weather looking a bit un-promising, I’m aiming for an early start, so that means an early night tonight and not too many beers!”

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
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Peacocks seem to be a bit of a recurring theme on this trip. But this was still a slightly unexpected visitor at the campsite café this morning At the summit of the Gammalt pass
IMG_7723 IMG_7727
Five species of bat live in this disused railway tunnel. The temperature is monitors every 15 minutes to ensure they always have the best possible conditions. Lucky bats This mobile café was the best possible sight at Pont Marteg. Had the best bacon buttie ever here!
IMG_7731 IMG_7742
This goose didn’t seem terribly pleased to see me today A rather redundant stile on the top of windswept Esgair Dernol
The view into the upper reaches of the Wye valley from Llangurig
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