Day 38: 30 Apr 2014; Chester to Cuddington

Day 38: 30 Apr 2014; Chester to Cuddington
Walk descriptor LEJOG2014 Day 38
Date Wed 30 Apr 2014 Start to end time 06h 59m
Start point Chester End point Cuddington
Miles today 16.59 Cu miles 712.08
Ft today 917 Cu ft 111,277
Route miles left 771.09 Route ft left 87,184
Today’s weather After light rain early morning, a fine sunny dry day. Little wind. About 17C
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Today I broke through the 700 mile barrier and  enjoyed a day in deepest rural Cheshire. It was a fine sunny day and I made an early start, once I had removed the night’s accumulation of slugs from my tent. (They seemed to be particularly abundant last night – the combination of a relatively mild night and a heavy dew must have enticed them out). I’d been camping on the outskirts of Chester at the attractive village of Christleton. From the number of Range Rovers, Jaguars and BMWs with personalised number plates delivering pupils to the local school, I got the impression that this wasn’t one of the more under-privileged areas of Britain.

I quickly joined the Longster Trail which, at 9 miles, must be one of the shortest long distance paths in the UK. It was reasonably easy to follow, though obviously not often walked as some of the stiles were falling into disrepair. I had to pass through a large field of cows, attended by two fearsome looking bulls, along the way. But despite some bovine glares in my direction, they left me alone and I got through unscathed.

After a brief stop at an excellent village shop /café for tea and flapjack in Guilden Sutton, most of the rest of the walk passed through the Delamere Forest Park. This is a large country park with lots of cycling trails and footpaths – easy to get lost without a map, I imagine – but very easy and pleasant walking. I also noticed that forests all have very individual smells. The Welsh forests, which are mostly Norway spruce, I think, smelled rather like scented candles. Whereas Delamere forest, which is mainly Scots pine had a much more distinctive “pine-like” smell.

Tonight I’m staying with friends so have a chance to do some washing (hooray!!) and to sleep in a “proper” bed. Mind you I’m so used to being in a tent now, I’ll probably have to sleep with my feet hanging out of the window. A long day tomorrow, through the industrial outskirts of Warrington, so an early night beckons.”

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
IMG_8774 IMG_8799
That’s an awful lot of mouths to feed – at Christleton duck pond this morning I always approach fields like this which are full of cows with some trepidation as you don’t know how they will behave. I had an escape route planned but they were OK – though the 2 bulls in the field with them – complete with rings in noses – were alarmingly inquisitive..
IMG_8837 IMG_8845
Blakemere Moss in Delamere forst – full of migrating birds. Felt like the Everglades! I came across what I assume must be a Segway-farm, hidden in the midst of the forest
IMG_8849 IMG_8853
Tree-sized woodcarving keeping an eye on developments Wouldn’t you just like to live at this address??
Leaping around from tree to tree at great heights is fun for kids but terrifying for people like me who prefer to have feet firmly on the ground!
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