Day 43: 05 May 2014; Cabus Nook to Lancaster

Day 43: 05 May 2014; Cabus Nook to Lancaster
Walk descriptor LEJOG2014 Day 43
Date Mon 05 May 2014 Start to end time 06h 45m
Start point Cabus Nook End point Lancaster
Miles today 11.21 Cu miles 798.99
Ft today 625 Cu ft 114,191
Route miles left 683.05 Route ft left 83,766
Today’s weather Overcast but mild. Slight Southerly breeze. No rain. Hazy sunshine in morning. About 14 C
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Today’s location
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Today was without doubt the easiest of my walk so far. I only had an 11 mile stretch into Lancaster to cover, and almost all of it was alongside the canal, so it was pretty flat, too. And the sun shone, just to make it even more pleasant!

The day started well, because it hadn’t rained in the night, and because there was a light breeze. I’ve decided I quite like days when there is a breeze – because firstly it keeps the dew from forming on the tent and secondly it blows away the insects, which are beginning to become a bit bothersome, especially in lowland pastures and by the canal. So this morning, the tent was almost dry when I put it way – something of a miracle!

I continued my walk along the canal, which was in many ways a bit of a repeat of yesterday. The pleasant surroundings and the fact that a friend from Lancaster joined me for part of the walk made it doubly relaxing. I had plenty of time, so stopped for tea and a cake at a café near Galgate marina, before arriving in Lancaster in time for a pub lunch. I like Lancaster – it’s a nice city, with a high cherry : bakewell ratio – especially if approached down the canal, as I did today. It’s small enough to be manageable, but fits in lots of interesting shops, cafes and architecture, too. The castle used to be a prison but was closed a couple of years ago, and is now a tourist destination. Williamson Park is also a fantastic outdoor space, offering views over the Lake District – my next destination – as well as an interesting butterfly house.

I’m out tonight for a curry with friends and the best bit of all for my trip today is that I’m being accommodated tonight courtesy of the truly brilliant Ashton B&B – my favourite B&B in the North of England and, (along with Hill House B&B in Amersham :-)) surely one of the finest B&Bs in the UK. I love it here and am so grateful to James, the proprietor, for putting me up. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I better stop now before you start to get the impression that this is all too easy. I’m just limbering up for the Lake District and the traverse of Scafell! Normal service will be resumed tomorrow…

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
IMG_9261 IMG_9273
The Bowland hills make a misty appearance through the early morning haze This section was more wooded than earlier sections – mostly sycamore trees. This part near Galgate was especially attractive
IMG_9279 IMG_9301
By the bridge over the Glasson branch of the Lancaster canal. Connects the canal to the sea at, surprisingly – Glasson At the simply excellent Ashton B&B in Lancaster, where I am staying courtesy of the proprietor tonight.   Thanks, James!
IMG_9288 IMG_9299
Checking out the Burrow Beck Bridge. This Rennie-designed structure is a sort of syphon which carries a stream below its normal surface level, under the canal Entrance to the Williamson Park in Lancaster. Built by James Ashton, millionaire inventor of linoleum, in the 1800s
A typical canalscape – great for a few days’ easy walking but I think I’d tire of the monotony of canal walking if I had to do it for more than a few days.
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