GPX – detailed GPX files (Slow!)*

Download detailed electronic route files here

From the table at the bottom of this page, you can download electronic files which contain all or parts of the route that I walked.   Before you start downloading, you might want to read the “points to note“, on the GPX overview page.

If you want to follow in my footsteps and hike all or part of my route, these files can be uploaded to handheld GPS devices, or smartphones with appropriate apps (like “ViewRanger” or “My Tracks“) and used with suitable electronic maps.

If you’re just interested in seeing where I went, the GPX files can be dragged and dropped into Google Earth or a variety of other freeware GPX-viewer programs.   Many of these allow you the option of zooming in and choosing satellite or map views.   I find “GPS Visualizer” a very good on-line tool.   Alternatively, just go to the “Day-by-day” page on this website and click “MAP” at the left hand side to view the relevant day’s track directly on this website.
Check the map below to work out which part of the walk you want to download (pinch and zoom the image if you’re viewing on a device with a small screen), then go to the table underneath it and click on the appropriate button to start the download.

NOTE: If you’re downloading these files on an Android device and viewing them using an app like “My Tracks”, you’ll find that the Route files won’t display properly.   Just use the Track files instead, which will be fine.


Overnights map

The table below includes daily track (Trk) and route (Rte) GPX files – the routes can be downloaded with either Imperial (Rte(I)) or Metric (Rte(M)) waypoint data.   The differences between these types of file is explained above.   Just press the appropriate button from the right hand columns of the table to download the file.


Route overview files


  Start/End Notes Track/Zip Rte(I) Rte(M)
  Overnight stops Shows WPs  at o/n points (“T” -see note below)  T I M
  Compressed route Shows WPs every mi / km n/a I M
  Complete route Big file (5.3MB / 25,000 WPs) n/a I M
Zip of all routes and tracks See sub-folders in zip file Z

Note: the overnight stops “T” file has been created by compiling the first trackpoint and the last trackpoint from the individual days’ tracks



Daily detail files


Day Start/End Mi/Km Trk Rte(I) Rte(M)
01 Lizard/ Marazion 25/41 T I M
02 Marazion/ St Just 25/40 T I M
03 St Just/ St Ives 16/25 T I M
04 St Ives/ Redruth 19/30 T I M
05 Redruth/ Holywell 16/25 T I M
06 Holywell/ Porth-cothan 18/30 T I M
07 Porthcothan/ Wade-bridge 20/33 T I M
08 Wade-bridge/ St Teath 20/33 T I M
09 St Teath/ St Gennys 18/29 T I M
10 St Gennys/ Elmscott 21/34 T I M
11 Elmscott/ Westacott 18/29 T I M
12 Westacott/ Braun-ton 18/29 T I M
13 Braun-ton/ Woolacombe 16/26 T I M
14 Woolacombe/ Combe Martin 14/23 T I M
15 Combe Martin/ Lynton 16/26 T I M
16 Lynton/ Porlock 17/27 T I M
17 Porlock/ Watchet 16/26 T I M
18 Watchet/ Bridg-water 23/38 T I M
19 Bridg-water/ Glaston-bury 19/31 T I M
20 Glastonbury/ West-bury 16/25 T I M
21 West-bury/ Bristol 22/35 T I M
22 Bristol/ Chep-stow 21/33 T I M
23 Chep-stow/ Monmouth 21/34 T I M
24 Monmouth/ Pandy 17/28 T I M
25 Pandy/ Hay on Wye 18/29 T I M
26 Hay on Wye/ Builth Wells 21/34 T I M
27 Builth Wells/ Rhay-ader 19/30 T I M
28 Rhay-ader/ Llan- gurig 16/25 T I M
29 Llan-gurig/ Machyn-lleth 22/35 T I M
30 Machyn-lleth/ Dol-gellau 15/25 T I M
31 Dol-gellau/ Maentwrog 22/36 T I M
32 Maentwrog/ Beddgelert 16/26 T I M
33 Beddgelert/ Capel Curig 16/26 T I M
34 Capel Curig/ Llandrillo yn Rhos 21/34 T I M
35 Llandrillo yn Rhos/ Pres-tatyn 19/31 T I M
36 Pres-tatyn/ Flint 22/35 T I M
37 Flint/ Chester 16/25 T I M
38 Chester/ Cudding-ton 17/27 T I M
39 Cudding-ton/ Culcheth 23/37 T I M
40 Culcheth/ Standish 14/23 T I M
41 Standish/ Kirkham 22/36 T I M
42 Kirkham/ Cabus Nook 16/26 T I M
43 Cabus Nook/ Lan-caster 11/18 T I M
44 Lan-caster/ Crook-lands 21/33 T I M
45 Crook-lands/ Winder-mere 20/33 T I M
46 Windermere/ Lang- dale 17/27 T I M
47 Lang-dale/ Grange 17/27 T I M
48 Grange/ Scales 21/34 T I M
49 Scales/ Carlisle 20/32 T I M
50 Carlisle/ Annan 23/37 T I M
51 Annan/ Loch-maben 19/30 T I M
52 Loch-maben/ Moffatt 19/30 T I M
53 Moffatt/ Abing- ton 19/30 T I M
54 Abing-ton/ Lanark 20/33 T I M
55 Lanark/ Strath-clyde Country Park 18/30 T I M
56 Strath-clyde Country Park/ Glasgow 18/29 T I M
57 Glasgow/ Miln-gavie 13/22 T I M
58 Miln-gavie/ Milarrochy 22/36 T I M
59 Milarrochy/ Inver-arnan 21/33 T I M
60 Inver-arnan/ Tyndrum 12/20 T I M
61 Tyndrum/ Glencoe 19/31 T I M
62 Glencoe/ Kinloch-leven 11/17 T I M
63 Kinloch-leven/ Glen Nevis 15/24 T I M
64 Glen Nevis/ Fort William 12/19 T I M
65 Fort William/ Inver-garry 27/44 T I M
66 Inver-garry/ Kinloch Hourn 26/42 T I M
67 Kinloch Hourn/ Shiel Bridge 12/19 T I M
68 Shiel Bridge/ Ardelve 14/22 T I M
69 Ardelve/ Strath-carron 17/27 T I M
70 Strath-carron/ Kinloch-ewe 19/30 T I M
71 Kinloch-ewe/ Dun-donnell 23/37 T I M
72 Dun-donnell/ Knock-damph 23/36 T I M
73 Knock-damph/ Lairg 25/40 T I M
74 Lairg/ Altnaharra 22/35 T I M
75 Altnaharra/ Garvault 21/33 T I M
76 Garvault/ Altna-breac 31/50 T I M
77 Altna-breac/ Oldhall 18/29 T I M
78 Oldhall/ John O’Groats 26/42 T I M
79 John O’Groats/ Dunnet Head 16/26 T I M