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The packing list!

You can’t expect to live out of a rucksack for 1500 miles without giving some thought as to what goes in it!

So, listed below, is a warts-and-all list of absolutely everything that I carried (some of it was accumulated along the way, like the extra batteries and the spare iPhone 5s, which I got when my 4s started boot-looping near Street).

Backpacking purists will probably be gasping in horror as they read this list, because it is, I admit, not very weight-economical.   I wanted to make sure that I had backups of key bits of kit in case they went wrong, and that added a lot to the weight.   And, it has to be said, there wasn’t much I didn’t use and which I would definitely leave behind if I did it again.

The starting weight was about 38 lb, and at the end it was nearer 50, largely because of the extra batteries, food and water I carried in the remoter parts of Scotland.   It’s wonder I didn’t come back looking like Charles Atlas after lugging this lot 1500 miles (in fact I think that for a while after I finished, I looked more like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!).

If you’d prefer to do your gasping in private, there’s an excel spreadsheet you can download and peruse off-line at your leisure.   Just click the button below:

Packing list

And if you want know what this lot looks like unpacked and packed, see the photos:

This is what that horrendous list of stuff looks like spread on the kitchen floor
This is what that horrendous list of stuff looks like spread on the kitchen floor
...and this is a slightly less scary view of what it all looked like when packed away into my Lowe Alpine TFX Kibo 65 rucksack
…and this is a slightly less scary view of what it all looked like when packed away into my Lowe Alpine TFX Kibo 65 rucksack

My rucksack was kindly provided by Fox’s of Amersham and I chose it mainly because of its low weight.   It was a Lowe Alpine TFX Kibo 65, which met my needs perfectly because, as well as being light, it was reasonably capacious without being gigantic (which I’d have been tempted to fill with yet more stuff) and it was nice and simple.   I hate rucksacks with millions of pockets, which inevitably lead to you forgetting where that vital piece of equipment you need in an emergency is hidden away.   I did line the whole thing with a large “Ortleib” dry-sack, which was tough and never punctured, and absolutely impervious to rain.   And very heavy.

The “warts and all” packing list.

Titter ye not…

Asus 10″ windows 8 touchscreen laptop
Soft case for laptop
Short multi-plug iphone USBadapter
Apple big to small adapter
Golite Eden 1 tent
Long Drybag for karrimat
Strap for karrimat
iPad mini w/ VR software & maps
Overboard waterproof case for iPad
BS drybag for repair kit
Black cotton thread
Water purification tablets x 30
Midge night light
Tick remover
Sewing kit
Good luck charm Steve judge
Thick lace
Spare sewing kit
Skin closures x2
Pack tissues
Dioralyte x3
Pairs thin laces x4
AAA batteries for head torch x4
A4 paper sheets x3
Small freezer bag
Credit Card
Cash £200
Clear Duct Tape
Rubber band
BS drybag for toiletries
Toothbrush with cover
Small freezer bag
Small toothpaste
Dental floss x2
Small shower gel
Head torch
BS drybag for electronics
12000mAh Anker Li Ion batteries x5
Long iphone cable (large)
iPhone headphones
Small drybag for headphones
5 way USB charger & plug x3
Spare 64GB micro SD card
Micro SD adapter
EE dongle
iPhone 5s (got when 4s failed but not used)
iphone 5s case
iphone 4s
iphone 4s case
4 way USB hub
Nationwide e banking device
USB to Ethernet dongle
SD card reader for iPad
O2 dongle
Car USB charger
Scarpa Vortex boots
Long sleeve Icebreaker (evening)
Craghoppers long btrousers (evening)
Sealskinz socks (day)
Sealskinz socks (evening)
Icebreaker pants (eve)
Icebreaker pants (day)
Icebreaker T shirt
Merino buff (eve)
Cotton buff (day)
Icebreaker shorts
Icebreaker L fleece
Icebreaker XL fleece
Rucksack waterproof cover
Sun cream
Antihistamine cream
Gel bars x4
2 litre Platypus bottles x3
Spare whistle
0.5 litre Platypus bottle
Shoulder pads pair in freezer bags
Ortleib big rocksack liner
Leather belt
midge net
Goretex over-mitts
Scouts Neckerchief
Touchscreen gloves
BS Drybag for medicines
Ibuleve gel
Antibacterial gel
Antibacterial wipes
Paracetemol 8 packs x4
Ibuprofen 8 packs x4
Rennies 6 packs x4
Compeed medium pack
Dry-sack rucksack for sleeping bag
4 seasons Snugpack Chrysalis 4 sleeping bag
Silk inner sleeping bag
Glasses case
Dry sack for spare clothes
Dry sack for evening trainers
2x carrier bags for trainers
Merrell ultra lightweight trainers (eve)
Primus billy can with lid in bag
Buff to wrap gas cyliner
Gas cylinder stored in billy
Primus Gravity II EF stove
Primus dry back for stove
Thin gloves for burns
Dry sack for coffee
Plastic bag inst coffee
Plastic bag dried milk
Cape Wrath Trail guide
Spare Overboard bag for iPad (no strap)
Thermarest Neo Air (short)
Platypus hose
Lowe Alpine TFX Kibo 65 rucksack
Milk shakes and sports drinks 4x500ml
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