Map Day 75: Fri, 6 Jun 2014; Altnaharra to Garvault track

Below is a zoomable map of the day’s track, exactly as I walked it.

Click and drag on the map to move around; scroll to zoom in and out.   The map type can be changed to show satellite view, etc., by clicking the icon at the top right.   Pressing the small square icon at the very top right will display the map in full screen.

Pressing “download” will cause a page of unintelligible text to appear.   Select it all, then paste into a text editor like Office “Notepad” and save in the format filename.gpx .   The track can be viewed in a whole variety of on-line applications or just drag and dropped into Google Earth.   Saving it to “Dropbox”, will also allow it to be downloaded to hand-held GPS devices running apps like “ViewRanger”.   (Clicking “download” on an IOS or Android mobile device with ViewRanger installed will also allow direct opening of the file in the ViewRanger app itself).