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463 thoughts on “Contact!

  1. A bit late I know, but congratulations on completing the walk and well done on the money raised. When you do it the other way round next year there will be a b + b available for you here in Wadebridge!!

    1. Thanks Steve! It was a long walk, but definitely worth it! Currently enjoying a few days R+R in Switzerland before returning to work on 21 July.
      Hope the B&B is going well. Will definitely look you up next time I’m in Wadebridge (but sadly not planning a return trip next year…)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m being slowly re assimilated into the real world again and enjoying the novelty value of shops, cups of tea and cafés, but really missing the fresh air and exercise…

      1. Are you back at work yet? That’ll be a tricky transition!! Anyway, you’ve achieved what you set out to do and done it brilliantly – well done!
        Sarah x

        1. Hi Sarah
          Not back at work till 21 July so still have another 3 and a 1/2 weeks off and I’m loving it! Readjusting to the 9-to-5 routine is going to take some doing but we’ve got a walking holiday (yes really!) in Switzerland before then to look forward to. But hiking beats working in my book – just a shame you don’t get paid for it!!

  2. Congratulations on your achievement Adam. It seems no time since my son and I walked with you on the West Highland Way.

    1. Thanks Craig. Walking with you and your son was one of the highlights of the walk. Really put a spring in my step. Hope your son’s exams are going well. I must admit it’s nice to have finished and I am really enjoying my cups of tea in bed in the mornings! Cheers. Adam

  3. What else is there to say – BLOODY MARVELOUS! What an adventure and an inspiration to everyone to get out there and do something. Enjoy your re-introduction to civilisation and of course that wee dram (or two).

    1. Thanks Steve. Just having that cup of tea in bed now and it’s fabulous!!

  4. Adam,
    You are a GIANT. Not only have you achieved an epic walk, you’ve also shone through as a great writer and really talented photographer. I’m genuinely going to miss following your progress through the daily blog. You’re incredible. Xxx

  5. Congratulations!! I don’t know how I’m going to spend my evenings now. This is the second summer running I’ve been an armchair LEJOGer: not sure I’ll ever be tough enough to be an end-to-ender, but I’m thinking of doing a side-to-side or two perhaps…. No doubt you have inspired many people to get off their backsides and follow through their dreams- an even greater achievement, in my book, than all that lovely dosh you raised. Come and tell Southbourne Sea Scouts all about it!
    Well done, Adam. I’m looking forward to loads more Wordfeuding with Val while you set about that list of minor repairs… You can always put the tent up in the garden, I guess!

    1. Thanks Imo – and very happy to come and talk to the Sea Scouters anytime! Just let me know when.
      And I think I’ll be putting the tent up in the garage to let it dry – then it will stay firmly packed away for a bit, at least!!

  6. Congratulations Adam on completing the trek and also on raising so much for the Scouts. It was a pleasure meeting you near the half way stage (Leyland Tesco) and also very enjoyable and inspirational reading your blog each day. Enjoy a well earned rest now.

    1. Thanks Frank
      I enjoyed meeting you, to!
      Starting journey South tomorrow, so will wave in your direction when we pass through Preston / Leyland!

  7. Hi Adam for the last time on Message me. Well done. Lovely photos on your blog as usual to finish with. Go home!!!

    1. Thanks Brian. Starting the big journey South tomorrow. A bit quicker than the journey North, though!
      Thanks for all your messages of support along the way. Much appreciated

  8. congratulations have enjoyed your story every morning when is the book coming out.put your feet up and enjoy everything for now

  9. What an amazing achievement Adam. Its been so good reading your daily blog from the comfort of home! Enjoy your evening ,hopefully you are celebrating . Look forward to hearing even more about your trip when you are back in Amersham. Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. It’s certainly been a bit of an epic and I haven’t enjoyed absolutely every step of the journey(!) but it certainly feels pretty good, now I’ve finished!

  10. What an absolutely stunning achievement. You are an inspiration to all your readers and followers. It’s been great following you on your adventures and I will miss it. I’m sure you are looking forward to some days now when you don’t have to do much at all if you don’t want to! For less serious days out, don’t forget you are very welcome to come and stay anytime and explore the LD…at a leisurely pace!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sonia. It was the fruit cake that got me here! (finished it off on the top of Scafell Pike). Now soaking feet and having a cup of tea in hotel!

  11. Good luck with the last couple of days of your epic trek, it’s been great to follow your excellent blog from the comfort of the sofa!
    Well done on the fundraising total too.

  12. Hi Adam,
    What a joy it was to read your week 11 account and the blogs of your last two days. Congratulations hardly seems to be adequate for what you have recently achieved – long treks, midges, loneliness (which you may have enjoyed), paths which may not be accurate on the OS map, heavy rucksack, uncertain food supplies, etc. I hope the next 2 days will be a doddle in fine weather. Well done on hitting 8 grand as well. Go for it!!!

    1. Thanks Brian. On the penultimate leg now. Sun I shining but with the end in sight, the weather can throw at me whatever it likes!

  13. Hi Adam,
    Sending you these very best wishes for the final push. Awesome!

  14. So nearly there!! I’ve been following you since day two, and it’s been wonderful to track your progress up the country. Good luck for tomorrow, and (cautiously) well done!!

  15. Hi Adam
    Good luck with the last few days of your amazing journey. It has been delightful to ‘accompany’ you on it, thank you for sharing it in such a memorable way.
    With you right till JOG! The Muysert Family

    1. Thanks Fiona
      Last “big push” now but can’t afford to let the defences down. It would be annoying to fall over and break an ankle just yards from the finishing line!!

  16. Ah the Crask Inn. I was going to recommend you look out for that but I’m obviously too late. Well, you can hardly miss it anyway, I suppose. On my one visit to the place it had the same roaring fire and was populated exclusively by myself, my travelling companion and an old collie that was lying as close as it could possibly get to the fire without actually becoming a component part of it. Brilliant wee place.

    I’m glad you altered your route as I too thought you were mad when you set out the original one. 😉

    Look out for any traces of old drilling at Altnabreac. A certain organisation of our mutual acquaintance once did some work there. Very long time ago.

    1. I think the same collie was in the same place at the Crask when I was there. And there is lots of speculation why there actually is a station at Altnabreac. Perhaps now I know why!!

  17. Hi Adam,
    Hope you see this before you leave. well done with the really hard bits and enjoy the remaining 100 miles. Hope the weather is kind to you. Go for it!!!

    1. Thanks Brian!
      Feels a bit like the homeward straight now but there’s many a slip.. as they say – so not allowing myself to get too euphoric yet!

  18. Hey Adam! I’ve always wondered where Altnahara was and now I know – isn’t it at the top end of the cold / wet scale on the weather records? I like the look of the A836 – it’s not really what you have in mind when you think of an A road is it! Blimey only 100 miles to go. I’d slow down a bit – the real worlds still out here and it hasn’t changed much since you left, so savour those final miles. Best wishes for the next few days. Keith

    1. Hi Keith
      One aspect of the real world that I am looking forward to is tea and toast in bed. These essentials of 21st century life have been sadly missing on this journey.

  19. Delighted you are on the sunny uplands after the bog and bothy and on your way to Wick

    We have a very happy time with Val and played play dough read stories and had fun with Lara

    Today we said goodbye to Jessie and Lara as they return to Berlin after a great visit

    Enjoy the last days of your walk as you look forward to the excitements of Silverstone
    Love Lizzie

    1. Hi Lizzie – yes it’s nice to be back on slightly former ground again now, for the final “big push” – though I think I spoke too soon about it being dry, as it’s pouring down this morning! Thanks so much for hosting Val – she said she’d had a fantastic time with you, Jessie and Lara! Cheers. Adam

  20. Welcome back I suppose the reward for no blog yesterday when you were out of range is that today we can all look forward to two blogs.
    Like you I find bothies creepy when on your own. Especially Shenevall – a story for another day.

    1. Yep – I think I could see Shenevall in the distance – fantastic location but SO remote!! Would take a braver soul than me to stay there alone! Cheers Adam

  21. Hi Adam,
    I am gripped by your account and glad you have watched your step. Hope that’s the thoughest day behind you. By the way, you’re sporting longer , blonder hair. X

    1. Hi Sue – hopefully the two most gruelling days are behind be mow. Lots more long days but hopefully not so rough walking. Midway through 25 miler to Lairg at the moment but joy of joys have found a hotel that does bacon sandwiches!!!

  22. Keep going Adam, hope you have a good nights sleep and the route and weather are kind to you tomorrow. Keep safe and keep taking great photographs. Judy

  23. Hi Adam,
    Well done on the long arduous trek today and finding your way to Dundonnell. You deserve the hotel tonight. Your photos are stunning and the scenery must be a joy to behold.
    Hope it will be easier for you tomorrow and you will have all you need at the bothy. Go for it!!!

  24. Hi Adam,
    Well done on your progress, we love reading your blog and getting your updates. Can’t believe you’re nearly there! Whose blog are we going to follow once you’re finished?! Good luck for the ‘final push’, hope all goes well
    Linda and Roger xx

    1. Thanks Linda and Roger
      I can’t believe I’m in the final stages of the “big push North” now! It’s going to be most odd coming back and slipping back into suburban normality again. Maybe I should just do a back-flip at Dunnet and walk back?? On the other hand – maybe not…

  25. Have a great day heading to Dundonnel. Spent some Hogmanay nights in Shenaval Bothy. I will tell you the stories of ghosts and ghouls once you have completed the hike

    1. Thanks Graham! I can’t wait! Hopefully there are none at the Knockdamph bothy where I am spending tomorrow night! Saw Shenevall in distance (I think) today – what a spectacular location! Definitely on the “must come back to” list! Cheers, Adam

  26. Hi Adam,
    Still amazed at what distance and terrain you are covering each day. Glad the weather was good for you today and it must have been glorious to get those views of the Torridan Mountains. I remember climbing them years ago and it was one of the best climbs in my life. You deserve the hotel tonight, in view of you semi-wild camping tomorrow night. Hope you will have plenty of supplies with you. Go for it!!!

    1. Thanks Brian! Am well stocked up with food and water for next couple of days and think I will hea to hotel in Kinlochewe for dinne tonight – will save some weight! Cheers! Adam

  27. Hi Adam,
    Still following your progress in great detail – not least because Helen and I will be walking the WHW in August – but today as I looked at your buddy beacon track and zoomed in on your “backtracking moments” to view the satellite images of the terrain, I could see how narrowly you must have missed a good route. It looks at a high zoom level as though the track you were on, although it did climb a little more, would have come out into the open and then descended to join onto the by-road you were looking for! But by the time I was looking at your track, you had already gone back down and onto the A87.

    Couldn’t help thinking it was a good job you were on a relatively short route today, but I have to admit that observing your trials and tribulations from this distance, yet in quite some detail, continues to be a fascinating experience. Not sure how I’ll cope when you’ve finished and there’s no more new tracks to follow!

    I guess you’re heading towards Wester Ross and Torridon, though I’m not sure how far West you’ll be going – say hello to Slioch and Beinn Eighe for me if you see them – fond Delphian memories from the early 1980s!

    Dave & Helen

    1. Hi Dave

      thanks for the route feedback. I should definitely have Google Earthed it before I set off. The satellite map is a bit deceptive though – as I ascended the by road I did look back and saw the large open grassland that the satellite view reveals but what the satellite doesn’t show is that it is extremely steep, it’s covered in impenetrable brambles, and there is a ravine at the bottom. So in practice may not have been much better. Should have retreated to A87 earlier as there were grass verges most of the way so quite safe.

      Amazingly as I speak I can see Ben Eighe in the distance right now! Will get closest at Taagan then heading over to Dundonnell.

      Hope you enjoy the WHW. Bring your midge nets!!

  28. Looks like another beautiful day. The “new” bridge comment reminded me that it’s almost 20 years to the day since I left Kyleakin, which means that bridge is now getting on for 20 years old (it was more than half built when I left). Time flies!

    1. Hi Bruce Yes the weather is amazing but I’m avoiding commenting on it in case that precipitates a change! And I suppose the Skye bridge is only “new” insofar as I’ve never seen it before!! Cheers. Adam

  29. Will send Val paper copy of the article from the Herald… Real Fame…mentioned in the Herald! Continuing to be fascinated by your blog and achievements…now addicted to reading it. Think you’ll have to turn round and go back again once you reach JOG, thence to LE and so on, indefinitely, to satisfy your readers!

    1. Hi Sonia – thanks for the feedback! I’ll also see if I can find the Herald article on line. But when I get to JOG I think I will be stopping. For a bit at least…

  30. Hi Adam, I’ve just caught up with the last few days and wanted to say well done and to wish you well for the next section. And enjoy the coming days off grid! Adamswalk got a mention in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald last weekend.

    1. Fantastic about the C&W Herald! I’ll check it out when I get better internet connectivity – am “off grid” indeed at moment – the diesel generator is humming and the satellite dish is beaming..

  31. According to our local bird expert, the bird that you saw on Ben Nevis was a Snow Bunting – a “good cop” because, at this time of the year, that is one of the few places in the UK where they can be seen. I guess the same applies to snow. Perhaps there is a correlation? 🙂

    1. Thanks Martin – two independent experts suggest a snow bunting – so that’s what it will be from now on! I’ll update the caption suitably.

  32. That’s a particularly good cover photo for today’s blog entry. You certainly seem to have had the weather for it today. I am now almost painfully jealous given some of the places you are going to go over the next few days – although not jealous of the camping and the midges! I hope the weather allows you to appreciate it at its best and the midges keep themselves to themselves. 😉

    1. Thanks Bruce! Midges at their most pestilential in mornings and evenings at the campsite. Am now hermetically sealed in tent but unfortunately so are half a dozen midges. Am trying to eradicate them right now. Heading off to remote Kinlich Hourn so electronic communications may stop for about 36 hours from tomorrow lunchtime…

  33. Hi Adam
    My name is Lottie and I am on holiday at miles house in France
    Well done with the walk ! How many days do you think you will take you to get to Jon a Grotes 🙂 what walk did you do today ?
    Bye the way miles wants to know do your feet hurt?!!
    What your favourite place so far and did you see any wild animals?
    Lottie barker!:) age 9:)!

    1. Hi Lottie! Great to hear from you from so far away. How is Chateau Trotte? Today I walked 25 miles to Kinloch Hourn, and at the current rate of progress I think I will finish in just under 2 weeks. You can tell Miles that thanks to the wonders of ibuprofen gel, my feet no longer hurt. My favorite place was Chester, I think – it scored highly on my “Bakewell Tart” ratio (you will have too read all my blogs too understand what that means!). Most exciting wildlife was a rare snow bunting on the top of Ben Nevis. Bonne Chance!

      1. Hi Adam, so pleased you are nearly there. It’s an incredible feat and we are telling everyone we meet and talk to ALL about you.

        Indeed you must owe some of your success to Ibuprofen gel and the other wonderful things you packed. Perhaps you can get paid for a few endorsements once you arrive home…..not to mention commercials for deep-fried haggis, millionaire’s shortbread and the like.

        Trotte Manoir now shuttered up as we are on our way to Vienna – by car I hasten to add. On Lake Konstanz at the moment and it’s a real heatwave.

        All the best for the last bit and hugs to the lovely Val who I hope will still be waiting for you at the finish and certainly with a couple of champagne cocktails.

        1. Hi Miles
          I simply cannot wait for those cocktails! Looking forward to catching up with you both over the summer – either in the UK or the Manoir!
          Enjoy Vienna

  34. Glad you had a reasonably good day for Ben Nevis. We walked up it one August and were treated to a snow storm on the summit! On the way down we passed a lady ascending in gold strappy high heels!!

    1. Amazing! I was fully expecting to see someone ascending in a swimsuit but strangely that didn’t materialise! Wasn’t actually snowing on the top, but it certainly felt as it wasn’t far off!

  35. The Mountain Rescue volunteers have been hauling idiots in trainers, sandals and flip-flops off that mountain for as long as there’s been a Mountain Rescue service. Sometimes I worry that we’re interfering unduly with natural selection.

  36. Hi Adam,
    Congrats at climbing the Ben. It’s good that you had Rob for company and the weather allowed you some good pics. Interesting to read about your route ahead – good luck with the next two 25 mile days. You’ll need that B&B in Kinloch Hourn.
    By the way, what’s with the N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide? I thought you were a physicist!
    Have you seen any UKIP supporters celebrating up there? Hope the midges go away soon. Go for it!!!

    1. Thanks Brian. I’m a molecular biologist actually, but still know what DEET is!
      One of the great things about being on this hike is that you can forget all about politics an avoid watching the news!

  37. Hi Adam. Congratulations on your climb of Ben Nevis!! Enjoy the b&b. Just thinking about the midges and the “marmite” comment – if you’re anywhere near a pharmacy in the next couple of days (and I realise this might not be the case :D) you could try some vitamin B complex tablets. I have a friend who swears by them preventing mosquito bites, so it may be the same for midges – presumably that’s where the marmite comes in because it contains rather a lot of vitamin B.
    Best of luck for the rest of your walk. Susan

  38. Hi Adam,

    Just seen from your tracker that you have got up and down Ben Nevis and are nearly at Fort William – many congratulations. Full of admiration of your epic venture. Looking forward to having Val come and stay with us on Friday night, and in due course to seeing you and hearing all about the trip.

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks David – made safe and successful ascent this morning – weather was kind – the rain held off until back in Fort William. Thanks so much for having Val over – I know she’s really looking forward to it! And also looking forward to our next social outing where I can give you my a bow by blow account of my travels……

  39. Hi Adam,

    Great to see you finished the WHW. Enjoyed walking with you on Tuesday and sharing your experiences.

    We made it to FW by 215pm on Friday in time to catch something to eat and drink before catching 5pm bus back to Perth.

    Hope the rest of the walk goes well and I’ll be following your progress.

    1. Hi Craig great to hear from you. Really impressed that you both got to FW so quickly. You must have been going like the clappers! Really enjoyed meeting you and chatting along the way. Gave me a real motivational boost. Just been up Ben Nevis today and setting off up the far north west tomorrow. About 16 more days to go. Good luck to your son in his exams. Cheers! Adam

  40. Hi Adam,
    What a thrilling finish it was to that match! Good goal for Gareth Bale, but Ronaldo could only manage a penalty. Another interesting game was the QPR v Derby play-off at Wembley, where the only goal was from QPR in the 90th minute. So another London club in the Premiership next season. But the biggest cheer of the day was at Cardiff, where Johnny Wilkinson was given an ovation as he came off after leading Toulon to their 23-6 win over Saracens in the Heineken Cup final. He scored 13 of those points and now hangs up his boots. Will Owen Farrell of Saracens be as good??

    Back in your base, I hope the slugs and midges and rain go away and give you a great day climbing the Ben tomorrow. Go for it!!!

    1. Yes by all accounts it was a thrilling match and made me sorry I’d left at half time! Amazing what you can get for £86m…
      Enjoying a pint of “Seventy Shilling” at the moment as fortification for tomorrow’s ascent!

  41. Hi Adam,
    What lovely photos of the mountains around you. It must be really great walking there in fine weather – apart from the midges. You didn’t mention any other walkers today – hBve they forsaken you and left the WHW to the motorbikes? They must churn the path up dreadfully. Hope you are appreciating the greener ways of producing electricity tonight. I’m watching the Champions League final at the moment – Atletico beating Real Madrid 1-0 at half time. Good luck with climbing Ben Nevis. Go for it!!!

    1. Well strangely enough I’m watching the match in the pub, too. Only watching with half an eye, tho!
      And the mountain bikers were on push-bikes, not motorbikes, so not too much damage! You just have to keep your ears open as they come up on you from behind very quickly and very quietly! Still a lot of walkers out and about today – mainly Dutch and American, interestingly. Not that many Brits.

  42. Avon “Skin So Soft”. That’s the only stuff that keeps the midges off. Even the army swear by it. I was always amused by the knowledge that there were hard-as-nails commandos and paras out yomping about the Highlands slathered in an Avon beauty product, after they discovered by accident that midges hated it. Quite how they discovered this “by accident” has never been revealed.

  43. Hi Adam,
    Great that you’re making such good progress. Regards the midges, just had a look on line. It would appear you’re in the company of 37 species of midges. 90% of bites come from one type Culicoide impuntatus but only the pregnant females bite in the hunt for protien. It’s suggested you eat Marmite. Yuk! Xx

  44. Great to see you doing so well. Sorry we missed you at Hadrians wall but we were in London at the time. Having said this we have just spent the last week in Lochinver and I’m afraid to say the midges have been quite bad which is surprising this early in the season. The weather has been “mixed” here, very overcast and then very overcast but with heavy rain ….. Really hope it picks up when you get further north. Look forward to following your continuing progress. Jim C

    1. Hi Jim
      I whizzed over Hadrian’s Wall briefly as I passed through Carlisle – am now well on the way up the West Highland Way currently camped on Rannoch Moor just under Buachaille Etive Mor. Superb! Midges worst in mornings – but hopefully may be a bit better up here tonight as it’s quite windy and rather cold. Over to Kinlochleven tomorrow then Glen Nevis the day after. Ben Nevis ascent on Monday and hoping weather remains dry!

  45. Hi Adam
    Well done on the great progress you are making through god’s own country. I still remember the WHW stage by stage despite it being a lifetime ago that I walked it – it’s a great trail isn’t it. Hope you enjoy the Devil’s Staircase tomorrow, it will certainly wake your heart up first thing. The views on the way up and at the top make it all worth it.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Keith
      Really enjoying WHW! The walk over Rannoch Moor today was superb. Weather not too bad – been dry last few days but that does bring the midges out! Looking forward to ascent of Ben Nevis on Monday and hoping the weather lasts..

  46. Ah, very jealous now as you’re in one of my favourite bits of the country. Technically you crossed into the Highlands along the side of Loch Lomond, where there’s a line of islands strung across the south of the Loch that marks the Highland Boundary Fault and you’re right to note the mineralisation in the Dalradian rocks around yesterday’s walk. That gold mine has been a long running “on/off” saga for decades now but is another example of industrial development being permitted within national park boundaries. There are various wee lead mines dotted about the hillsides all over there where galena (PbS) was mined. I’ve tripped over a few of them while walking the hills about there. Anyway, enjoy Auch Glen, Bridge of Orchy etc today!!

    1. Ah thanks. I must admit I wondered where the Highland Boundary Fault actually was – I had assumed that it ran up the Great Glen but reckoned that couldn’t be right as the Fault also marks the boundary between the Highlands and the Lowlands and the Highlands start much further South than that. Anyway, now I know!

      By the way I changed plan and am camping at Glencoe rather than Inveroran but looked out for the Glasgow Uni MC tardis-like climbing hut as I passed. Not sure I spotted it though. Will just have to go back another day! And re the gold mine – I met (another) gold-panner at the campsite last night. He showed me the flakes he’d found that day – looked impressive but I reckon there was less than a gramme. But clearly there really is gold in them thar’ hills!

  47. Glad you managed to see our mountain yesterday Adam!
    You look like you are making good progress and the weather seems to be ok for you? Feel for you with those midges, they must be pests . Judy

    1. I didn’t know that you were called Judy Cruachardrain! Gosh – that must make you pretty much unique! Midges are bothersome but I have found a coping tactic. Just wear cagoule and overtrousers and treat them like rain.

  48. Hi Adam,
    Glad you’ve had 2 good night’s rest and are now enjoying the WHW and having some company. Don’t knock Baggage Transfer – when you get to my age, you’ll appreciate it, as I will when walking the SW Peninsula Coast path in July. As you mentioned Lord Kelvin in Glasgow, I’ve just read that the average temperature of outer space is thought to be 2.7K! Your future route, as mentioned in last week’s account, sounds very interesting. Go for it!!!

    1. Hi Brian – if you’re walking the SW coast path you’ll certainly benefit from luggage transfer. It was prob the hardest section of te LEJOG route so far. 6,000 ft climbing in 15 miles was not unusual. Hope you enjoy it!! Cheers Adam

  49. Phytophotodermatitis: is (apparently) the technical term for your botanical affliction of the hand. Fantastic progress- we’re going to be following your progress up the WHW with great interest this week. Have you got hobbit feet yet?

    1. I feel so much better knowing that I’ve got an important sounding condition like phytophotodermatitis. Looking forward to tackling WHW – short walk to Milngavie tomorrow, then the assault starts in earnest on Tuesday! Feet are more rhinoceros-like than hobbit-like at the moment, I’m afraid!

  50. Hi Adam. Just caught up after a few days offline. You’ve made excellent progress and a short day today leaves plenty of time in Glasgow. I recommend Cafe Gandolfi in the Merchant City if you want a nice treat before the WHW!

    Where are you planning to stop on the WHW? Auch Glen and nearby Bridge of Orchy (with handy hotel bar) used to be favoured haunts back when I actually used to do some proper climbing!

    1. Thanks Bruce. Will check out Café Gandolfi – thanks for the tip! I’m camping in at Inveroran, in Gleann Fuar, which is nearest I get to Bridge of Orchy, I think. There is a hotel nearby…

      1. Yep, sounds like Victoria Bridge. Just a wee bit beyond BofO on the way North. The Glasgow University Mountaineering Club used to have (maybe still does) a tiny wee hut just a few hundred yards off your route near there, on the path to Stob Coire an Albannaich and Stob Gabhar. It’s the nearest I’ve ever been to being in a tardis, albeit one powered by a wood-burning stove in the corner. Deceptively spacious inside over two floors! Watch out for the bats in the trees at the Forest Lodge by there too.

  51. Hi Adam,
    You’re getting the spirit of Scotland now. Pity you didn’t make Glasgow yesterday, where you could have watched the Scottish Cup Final (St Johnstone won) and then had a few jars on Sauchiehall Street, finishing with a few verses of “When I’ve had a cuppla drinks on a Saturday, Glasgow’s the place for me”!! Hope you find a campsite nearby – on the banks of the Clyde?? How much have you raised /hope to raise, so I can tell the scouts? Go for it!!!

    1. Ah yes – I camped outside Glasgow yesterday at a new campsite at Strathclyde Country Park. Then hotel in central Glasgow tonight and B&B in Milngavie tomorrow. Then camping the rest of the week on West Highland Way. Aiming for £7,500 – reached £7,200 so far!

  52. Must have been after watching the movie, most emotional song ! Enjoy your week, Judy

    1. That’s probably it!
      Off to Glasgow next. Forecast for whole of UK (except West Scotland) = heatwave. Forecast for west Scotland = weather warning (heavy rain). 🙁

  53. Hi Adam, I wonder which Proclaimers song you were singing! Have a good weekend walking and hopefully the weather is still being kind to you. Judy

    1. Well it should have been “I’m gonna be (500 miles)” but curiously it was “Letter from America”. Not sure exactly why… Adam

  54. Hi Adam!

    I met you at the Scottish border travelling in the opposite direction on my bike! Well done for passing 1000miles! Hope the weather has been kinder to you in recent days! Ive made it down to Bristol now. Got Devon and Cornwall to conquer! Best of luck for the remainder of the trip and keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Richard. Great to hear from you! Well done in getting to Bristol. Sorry weather has been poor. Ever since I got to Scotland, apart from the day I met you, it’s been sunny! Hopefully it will last and spread your way too. Good luck for Devon and Cornwall. It will be easy – the home run! Cheers Adam

  55. We live at Garrion Bridge on the A72 and wondered if you will be passing by today. I know its a bit short notice but I have only just got an email from Vera Tyack in Crewekerne giving me details of your journey. Would be great to see you and give you some refreshment if necessary. I’ll give you our mobile number if you can make it.

    1. Hi Joan that’s really kind! Could you let me know where Garrion Bridge is? I can’t find it on my map. I’m currently on the Clyde Walkway between Lanark and Strathclyde. Is that near you? Cheers Adam

  56. Hi Adam,
    Well done in crossing over 1000 miles walked. Truly immense. I’ve been genuinely impressed that you’ve been well served with your technology and a signal all the way. Wishing you sunshine tomorrow. It’s been glorious here in the south. Sue

    1. Thanks Sue! It’s been lovely here, too. Forecast for next 2 days at least is OK, as well!! Just enjoying a pint in Wetherspoons before retiring to the tent! Cheers

    1. Hi Tom. Great news about Abbie getting on the radio! Well done, and I hope it goes well. Now deep in the Scottish Borders, heading for Glasgow and then the West Highland Way. Weather good at moment – hoping it will hold out ft a little while longer! Cheers. Adam

  57. Hi Adam,
    Following on from what Alex said about IPA being the 4th “wet”, I entirely agree, but don’t forget you’re in Scotland now, so you’ll probably get McEwen’s Best, which should be followed by a whisk(e)y chaser. Can’t remember if it’s with or without the “e” in Scotland. The whisk(e)y will keep you warm at night when you venture into the Highlands. Glad you had a good walk today – cows are usually ok. Ben Nevis here you come! Go for it!!!

  58. Hi Adam,
    Hope the feet are bearing up well (apart from the blisters documented in the blogs!) We have been following your progress every day, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to send a message. Hope you are really enjoying the experience – Val has already been speaking to Caron about next year’s skiing holiday, so hope you are up for it!

    Can’t believe you are nearly two thirds of the way to the end – it seems only so recently that we were in the French Alps.

    Keep going, best regards,

    1. Hi Martin thanks for the message. Great to hear from you! The slight irony is that I’ve been walking for 950 miles now – which is further than the distance from home to the Alps! Can’t wait to go skiing again next year. Really enjoyed it but at the moment it seems like another world! Mind you I did see some snow on Scafell Pike last week – which was the first I’ve seen in the UK since last year. Cheers! Adam

  59. Hi Adam,
    Just checking the blog and it all looks fantastic. Great photos. What a beautiful country we live in. Even the slug!
    I’m glad you are doing so well and will keep peeking in on your progress. Take care and be safe.
    Best wishes
    Mary and Gerry Finn.

    1. Thanks Mary. I’ve been trying to send you and Gerry my weekly updates but think I have wrong email address. Will try again with this one!! It’s a lovely sunny day in Lochmaben today – long may it last!! Cheers Adam

  60. Congratulations on reaching Scotland and completing day 50 of your walk. Hopefully the weather will get better for you soon, forecast of heatwave for later on in the week,I guess a few dry days would be good at least ! Take care , Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. Any day when it doesn’t rain counts as a heat wave, in my book! Cheers Adam

  61. Well done on completing your end to end of England. Just the little matter of Scotland now! 😉 You’ve done really great so far, and I’m looking forward to the last (large) part of your journey.

  62. Adam
    We continue to be amazed at your ‘endeavour’, and somewhat inadequate as we climb into the car to pick up the newspapers from the shop on the corner.
    Based on your latest musings, might I suggest you experience the other form of “wet”, being ten pints of IPA, which I understand negates the effect of the other three forms which you describe. Of course, I only have this information second hand from Dave, Nick, Tim, Al, Rog, Gary and Keith who are experts in this field.
    Impressive stuff, keep it up.

  63. Hi Adam, Congratulations on clicking over the 900 mile mark – it’s really impressive especially with the mountainous bits thrown in as well. Are you still on the same pair of walking boots? Good luck north of the border! Susan

  64. Hi Adam – there you go I don’t check in for a few days and you’ve gone and climbed another massive lump of rock and walked the length of another country. Your view from the top of Scafell reminded me of the day I did it with Tom when we huddled behind a rock shelter from the gale and the rain and the hypothermia that is late spring in the Lakes. Well done on your heroic efforts so far and best wishes for the next few days in that beautiful barren wilderness that is the Southern Uplands! Keith

    1. Thanks Keith – another day, another country! Hoping for good weather but planning for the worst! Cheers

  65. Hi Adam,
    I went to Longridge this afternoon to see how our scout troops were getting on during the wet and windy scout weekend there. All the leaders are following your blogs. Good luck traversing Scotland. Go for it!!!

  66. Hi Adam,
    Congratulations on climbing ScarFell in such awful conditions. Only a mad Englishman can find the Lakes and the Dales enjoyable in their bleakness, the driving rain and the cold !!!! Where is the fun I say ? Give me sunshine …. but what a beautiful region ! I love your descriptions and your photos. Too right that you celebrated reaching half-way ! A well-earned and well-deserved night of comfort
    Well done again! At this rate, you’ll soon be there !
    Courage mon brave !
    A bientôt !

    1. Merci bien, Martine. Le soleil brille et the ciel est bleu – pas, malheuresement!

      1. Félicitations for reaching another country. Was there passport control ?
        Let’s hope the weather will be kinder to you in this new country ! Here it’s cold tonight but warmth, maybe heat forecast for the end of the week. Shall we send some of it your way to make your last stretch a bit easier ?
        And it is quite a stretch ! Scotland is very, very lonnnnnnnn …g !
        Good luck ! and well done again! What an amazing exploit !
        A bientôt !

  67. I can’t believe you’ve made it all the way to the Lakes! How fantastic. Seems ever so far north from here, but I guess Scotland is pretty big too…

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Rachel – yes it’s great to be in the Lakes now – but I have just twigged exactly how big Scotland is – so there’s still quite a long way to go. Am reflecting on your experience of North to the Cape and thinking of adjusting my route to go part of the way up the Great Glen before heading west to the coast. May be a bit less bleak that way! Cheers Adam

  68. Congratulations Adam on doing Scafell, and in such bad conditions! I was thinking of you when I was out with the dog as most days I can see the hills of the Lake District, but not yesterday. Good luck and fair weather for the rest of the trip.

    1. Thanks Frank! It was a bit grim yesterday, and disappointing not to have views from the top, but the exhilaration of making it to the summit, and then the views from the Corridor Route back down, more than made up for it. Now en route to Scotland – cross the border on Monday, I hope. Cheers! Adam

  69. Hi Adam,
    Well done for crossing over Scafell in what seems like miserable conditions, but at least you had some good views on the way down. Good job you had Tom for company to keep you going. Hope you’re drying out well tonight.
    I made the first of my termly visits to our 15 scout troop this evening and I told Chesham Bois scouts about Adam’s walk and encouraged them to read your blog. I also suggested that they could send you a message, so you might get some in the next few weeks.
    Meanwhile enjoy the next 2 “lower” days. Go for it!!!

    1. Cheers Brian – enjoying rather nice dinner in rather nice hotel at moment, before returning to tent. So it’s not all hardship!

  70. HI Adam, hope the walk up Scarfell goes well, hope the weather holds. Peter Lawne (shell Chemicals Finance) is up in the Lake district this weekend, don’t know whether you remember him, he loves walking there too. Keep up the good walk. Love your blog, can’t wait to read it every day. Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy – yes I remember Peter – I’ll keep an eye out for him! Successfully ascended Scafell today, though I think it’s fair to say the weather was a bit “challenging” also came across the first snow of the winter (and yes it is May!0, too

  71. Hi Adam,
    Well done for crossing the half way mark. Good luck with the coming lake District days which I know that you will enjoy. Hope the weather is a bit better for you, so that you have some great views from the top of Scafell. If it’s any consolation, it was raining here today as well. Great news that you’ll be getting help in the Highlands – a Regional Commissoner should be able to pull a few strings. Go for it!!!

    1. Cheers Brian. Am looking forward to ascent of Scafell very much. A view would be a bonus – but this is the Lake District and I know what to expect!! Adam

    2. Adam – I am deeply disturbed by the views expessed in your latest blog.
      I fear controversy will ensue. I agree that Mrs Kirham’s Lancashire is a fine example of the cheese makers art – but for a Yorkshireman to suggest that it is better than anything prodcued east of the Pennines is beyond the pale!!!
      Nick (Shocked and Stunned of Yorkshire)

      1. Well – I am never afraid of courting controversy and sometimes you just have to tell it the way it is. And I am partial to a bit of Wensleydale, too – so all is not lost. Though head slightly hung in shame…

  72. Hi Adam,

    I’m a leader with Unit 39 Nothamptonshire and think your walk sounds great and raising funds for the hardship fund is a great cause!

    I message you as I notice you are in the Lake District this weekend. When are you doing Scarfell? Im taking part in a 3 peaks chaklenge this weekend and would be great to catch up with you if the timings work out.

    If not then good luck for the rest of your walk and I’ll be sure to get the unit to follow your progress.

    Louise Bailey
    Unit 39 – Northamptonshire

    1. Hi Louise – I’m doing Scafell this Friday, which I think will be a day before you do it. But I’m always impressed by anyone who has a go at the 3 peaks challenge. It’s a great test to set yourself and I’m sure you will enjoy it (afterwards!). So I wish you luck and hope that the weather improves a bit – for both of our ascents! At least you finish on Snowdon, which has a tea shop on the top (unless of course you get there in the middle of the night!) Good luck. Adam

  73. Hi Adam
    I haven’t been in touch lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been following your progress with the same combination of enthusiasm, jealousy and admiration as I have from the start. Just noted from your blog that you’ll be staying in Great Langdale, one of my favourite parts of the Lake District, tomorrow night. I believe the weather forecast for tomorrow is somewhat better than today, but it still doesn’t look great. Here’s hoping that it turns out better than the forecast for the next few days at least, so you get some clear skies for your ascent of Scafell Pike. In the meantime, have a pint for me at The Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel and keep those blogs coming!
    Dave and Helen.

    1. Thanks Dave – I’ve got my pint in the Old Dungeon Ghyll on order already!! It seems to have stopped raining now – long may that last!! Cheers Adam

  74. Hi Adam,

    I have received details regarding your walk from our Scout HQ in Scotland. I am the Regional Commissioner for Highlands & Islands and would like to help where I can. We have groups in Fort William and up along your walk up to Caithness. You say you are not sure of dates, but please let me know when you are and we will see what we can arrange.


    1. Jenny – that’s brilliant. The bit North of Fort William is going to be the toughest of the whole hike and at the moment I am not sure of my logistical arrangements, so any help you can offer – especially either with food or places to camp along the route of the “North to the Cape” long distance path would be really gratefully received. On current projections I think I will be in Fort William in about 3 weeks’ time – i.e. around the middle of the last week in May. But this could change. Let’s keep in touch as I head North. thanks again! Adam

    1. Hi Sarah. Glad to that you think I still look normal! I think I need a haircut! And by the way I met a fellow runner from Ilkley on the top of the Black Mountains in Wales who knew you and Peter – a chap called Jeff. if you see him, say Hi from me and tell him I’m still walking!! Cheers Adam

  75. Hi Adam,
    Very impressed with your progress and well done on reaching the halfway milestone. Glad to see a signpost to Preston has made it into the photo album! Good luck for the coming week – hoping to catch up with Val in the next few days for a gossip 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda and Roger. All going well up here – and Preston was fantastic – especially the Harley Davidson garage! Cheers. Adam

  76. Hi Adam,
    Never heard of Cabus Nook, but found Cabus on the A6 in my atlas and a canal nearby.
    Went for a walk with Jane this afternoon to see the bluebell display in Wendover Woods and they are certainly at their best just now.
    Stay away from the stingers. Are there doc leaves nearby? Go for it!!!

  77. Hi Adam, been thinking of you today during my 5 mile fundraising walk with PJ’s jamboree contingent. Mine is a very modest effort compared to your challenge. Hope it continues to go well for you. I look forward to more delightful stories on you blog. Best wishes, Fiona

  78. Good to meet up with you today Adam for an enjoyable chat . Thanks goes to my niece Rachel from Amersham for tracking you down for me. Good luck with the rest of your walk. Frank.

    1. Thanks Frank. Great to see you! And the path along the railway line by the tank factory was fine, except for a narrow stile in the middle which was a bit difficult to negotiate with a large rucksack. Cheers! Adam

  79. Would you like to stay here on Tue night? Obviously we (Merry and I) could collect you and drop you back off and hopefully walk with you towards Windermere… Drop us a text…x

    1. Hi there Sonia – that’s really kind!! But unfortunately I have a bit of a rule about walking to the places I am staying at… But will phone or text to see how we can meet up. Would be great to see you in the Lakes! Cheers Adam

  80. Hi Adam,
    Congrats on getting half way, but maybe it will be “all downhill” after Ben Nevis! You seemed to find a lot to see in Wigan – didn’t know it was so interesting. I’m off to see West Ham’s last home game this afternoon -hope we beat Spurs! Meanwhile have a great walk and hope you meet many other walkers this bank holiday weekend. Go for it!!!

    1. Thanks Brian – good luck in the match – may the best team win! Just walking past the Centurian tank factory in Leyland. V interesting!

      1. Hi Adam,
        The best team won!!!!! West Ham 2, Spurs 0. One of the best matches I have seen WH play and a fitting end to the home season. We then went on to check out our new home from 2016/17 at Olympic Park and our new local there, The Cow. Not the same at The Boleyn at Upton Park. sob, sob.

        Glad you’ve got some easier walks coming up – you deserve a “rest” over the Bank Holiday. Go for it!!!

  81. Fantastic! Well done Adam. Truly phenomenal that you’re now over the half way mark x

  82. Hi Adam, well done fella!

    WSJ UNIT 59 CUMBRIA SCOUTS are looking forward to seeing you next week. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING doing in Cumbria 🙂


    1. Hi Tom thx for the message! See earlier post on this page for itinerary thro Cumbria. Am also in touch with Chris Woodhouse Cumbria WSJ Unit leader about meeting up. Just passed halfway point at Wigan. All downhill from now! Cheers! Adam

  83. So much enjoying your blog…and getting a flavour of your walk from the photos. The whole thing is SO impressive. I am sure it is impossible to calculate exactly, but do you have a rough idea when you will reach the Lake District and hence be near to us?!
    Having spent 3 years at college in Warrington, I know what you mean about the town! Hopefully Lever Brothers weren’t belching too many soap clouds for you to breathe in!!

    1. Hi Sonia. Merseyside good so far! Itinerary thro Lakes is: night of Tue 6 May Crooklands camping; Wed 7 Windermere b&b; thu 8 Langdale Nat trust camping; fri 9 Borrowdale grange hollows farm camping; sat 10 Scales camping Hutton roof. Sun 11 will be Carlisle ish I expect! Hope this helps. Adam

  84. Hi Adam, you seem to be making great progress now and the weather seems to be kinder to you. Have a nice sleep in a bed and enjoy the home comforts for the night.
    Another long weekend looms ,enjoy it ! Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. Really enjoying the good weather at moment – long may it last! And sleeping in a “proper” bed tonight is a rare treat after 11 nights under canvas! Cheers Adam

  85. Hi Adam, Welcome back to England. Pleased that you had some easier walks in good weather. Must do wonders for your spirits. Enjoy northwest England and Wigan Pier. Did you know they had one? You’ll soon be up in the mountains again. Go for it!!!

  86. Hi Adam,
    We met you and gave you £10 this morning near Chester.
    I hope you don’t mind but we have been in touch with the Chester Chronicle newspaper and they would love to do an article about your amazing walk.
    I have given them your web info.
    I hope this is ok
    What you are doing is fantastic.
    Keep going
    All the best
    John and sue

    1. Hi Sue. Nice of you to leave a comment. And yes, of course, no probs with contacting the Papers. All publicity helps! Cheers. Adam

        1. Hi Sue
          Not yet – but my experience with the media is that they usually don’t – they just go through the website and pull off some interesting material then pull and article together. First I usually know about it is when someone spots it and lets me know! So let’s see what happens. Cheers! Adam

  87. Adam, this looks to be a great break from work! Nick Kirkwood has forwarded to me in the hopes we could support you and I would like to say thanks from us in Cheadle for doing this. I wish we had known about it before last weekend as our scouts had an expedition training weekend and it would have been good for them to get out to keep you company for at least some of the day.
    I will send this out to all our parents and hopefully you get some sponsorship.
    Yours in Scouting
    GSL 5th Cheadle Hulme Scouts

    1. Hi Athol nice to hear from you and thanks to Nick K for forwarding! I’m just entering Chester now then heading North via Preston to the Lakes Sistrict. Any support you can drum up very gratefully received! Cheers Adam

  88. Hi Adam – Looks like you getting on well. Seems ages since you crossed over the bridge! Some wonderful pics and stories. Good luck with the next leg. Best wishes Jake and Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline and Jake – yes, making good progress and now just about to hit the North Welsh coast and to meet up with some more scouts in Colwyn Bay. Looking forward to it! And the sun’s shining too. Hooray!

    2. Hi Caroline and Jake – yes, making good progress and now just about to hit the North Welsh coast and to meet up with some more scouts in Colwyn Bay. Looking forward to it! And the sun’s shining too. Hooray!!

  89. Coucou Adam.
    Well I am astonished !!!! I have not had a chance to read the account of your epic walk for 2 weeks and now I discover that you have crossed a whole country!!!! How could this be ? You are doing very well. CONGRATULATIONS ! Your account of Snowdon reminded me of my own attempt many many years ago when I was new to this country and battled against wind, cold and snow …. crawling up the summit literally on all fours, trying to keep up with a PE teacher who thought it would be a great idea to make me experience some aspect of British life ….
    The views are fantastic.
    Keep up with the good “WALK”.
    Well done !
    A bientôt !

    1. Merci Martine! So far so good – another good walk today, in sunshine! I=Everything is so much easier when the weather is decent. And yes, the views ARE fantastic! So many places I want to come back and visit in a bit more detail. cheers!

      1. Hi Adam. You are right. Everything is so much better when the sun is shining. What a beautiful country Britain is ! But I know that, have not had a chance to fully appreciate it yet !Your accounts and photos are the best advertising campaign for wanting to explore the country. You should be employed by the Tourism Board You should be an ambassador for “Come to Britain ! The land of beauty ! So much to discover and enjoy !” I am pleased you had a bit of company as it must feel a bit lonesome sometimes. And you look great ! Well done again !

        1. Thanks Martine – and yes, it really is a beautiful country – even when it rains (mostly..)

  90. Hi Adam,
    Congratulations on reaching Yr Wyddfa!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that I had climbed all the possible routes up to the top, but yours must have been a gruelling climb over a pathless terrain. And only tea at the top?? Don’t they serve ale there any more? Miners Track was the best route down for you and it is a pity that the youth hostel at Pen y pass is being refurbished. That would have been a good place to stay. Hope the DoE guys didn’t keep you awake last night at the campsite and you had a good walk to Conwy today. . Go for it!!!

    1. Hi Brian – thanks for the words of encouragement. Not had much luck with YH’s – only one of the last 4 I have tried to get into would actually have me! (2 were full – a month in advance – and PyP is closed for refurb till the summer). Almost given up on them!

  91. Hi Adam,
    Really well done completing the Snowden climb and in an impressive time considering the weight on your back. Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow x

    1. Hi sue thanks for the kind comments. Leaving Snowdonia now and heading for the coast. And the sun is shining!

  92. the railway is one of my favourites, the area looks stunning when the sun is out, but gloomy and depressing when its raining, glad you saw it in the semi-sun. Good luck in the walk up Snowdon, hope the weather holds. Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy – It’s certainly an beautiful part of the world. Yesterday was sunny most of the day, so I saw it at its best. Today started fine for a dramatic ascent of Snowdon, and only started raining once I was on the way down. Phew!

  93. Hi Adam – blimey I haven’t logged on for a few short days and you’ve walked half the length of a whole country! Well done on getting over the 600 miles, now go and get over Snowdon. Fingers crossed for a clear day.

    1. Hi Keith – thanks for the comments! I am keeping fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow, but daren’t look at the weather forecast….

  94. You’ve done more than half the climbing now! Well done and enjoy your Snowdon climb.

    1. Blimey – so I have. that’s three Mt Everests, too. I have actually climbed 10,000 ft more than I predicted I would have by this stage. No wonder my legs are a bit tired!

  95. Hi Adam
    Looks like your GPS lost track again this afternoon, but even with the glitch I can see that your route to Beddgelert wasn’t likely to take you via the absolutely stunning Aberglaslyn Pass, which is pretty much due South of Beddgelert. We stayed there over Easter a few years ago when Amy was at Aberystwyth Uni. If you’ve missed it this time around, I strongly recommend that you put Aberglaslyn on your list of places to (re)visit in future. Best of luck with Snowdon tomorrow, hope the weather holds for you. Keep the blogs coming!
    Dave & Helen

    1. Hi Dave – not sure what happened with the beacon – I was out of wifi and O2 network coverage much of the afternoon (that’s the mobile network that my iPad uses) but the system should store old locations and re-send when I get network coverage (which I did when I hit a wifi hotspot on Beddgelert this evening). So have reported it to ViewRanger and will see if they have any bright ideas.

      You’re right about the route – I was a bit to the east of the Aberglaslyn pass – though I may have been looking into it from my lofty eyrie midway through today’s hike – I could certainly see as far as Cardigan Bay and it was stunning. There’s so much I’ll have to come back and see; it’s just a shame work gets in the way!!

      1. Actually discovered it was user error – I turned off the iPad before I found the wifi hotspot so stored Beacon positions were erased before they could be sent. 🙁

  96. Hi Adam,
    Well done, really impressed with your progress so far and love reading your blog. Very envious (most of the time) of the scenery and outdoorness of your existence.
    Linda and Roger

    1. Hi Linda
      Thanks for your kind comments! All going well so far – though am heading into the wilds of Snowdonia today and don’t quite know what to expect. Weather ok at moment but looking a bit threatening! Cheers Adam

  97. Hi Adam. Just catching up after missing the blog for a few days whilst in Cornwall over Easter. Every time I stood or sat still there seemed to be no interweb coverage. I did walk the tiniest bit of the coast path around the south west of Lizard peninsula and I can see why you got tired of that experience very quickly. It seemed to be a continuous set of stone staircases going either up or down!

    I hope the weather keeps improving for you. By the time you get to Scotland it’ll be lovely and sunny, honest.

    All the best!

    1. Glad you enjoyed Cornwall, Bruce. Fantastic geology, too. Weather been good so far in Wales – much better than the south west. Looking forward to Scotland – hope I get there before the midges! PS for Internet access in remote places get the BT WiFi app (assuming you have BT at home). Gives access to millions of wifi hotspots and it’s great. Am using it now, to send this message from outside a farmhouse on the outskirts of Dolgellau. Cheers! Adam

  98. Hi Adam,
    Keep those boots walking! Morag sent me your blog……I did this trip for our honeymoon…..except, travelled on a bike….pros and cons! Some sore bits as I am sure you are experiencing but different bits!
    I will now watch daily as your detail is fascinating.
    Keep it all moving and we are all here giving support.

    1. Hi Jill
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Sounds like you have some familiarity with the challenge! I cycled it in Oct 2005 and I’d say that each day cycling was harder than each day of walking, but the walk is taking ten times as long, so keeping it up day after day is a bit harder. Cheers! Adam

  99. Sounds like you had a great day today Adam , am getting very envious, my first day back at work after 6 weeks off tomorrow ! Enjoy it while you can , Judy

  100. Sounds like you’ve had a good day. I agree re plinlimon – it is an underated hill. Enjoy the fish and chips!

    1. Never been there before and superbly remote. Fantastic spiral shaped wind-break at the top meant that it was sheltered even from unusual Easterly wind today!

  101. Hi Adam,
    Glad you had an easier day today. You deserve one once in a while. You said in your weekly blog that you were going direct to Colwyn Bay via Capel Curig. Does that mean that you won’t be climbing Snowdon? Go for it!!!

    1. Hi Brian
      Absolutely not! I definitely couldn’t miss out one of the “three peaks”!
      It’s Bethania to Capel Curig via Snowdon summit – prob on Friday. Then Capel Curig to Colwyn in one long (but mostly downhill!) haul the next day

      1. Hi Adam,
        Glad to hear that Yr Wyddfa is still on your route. Don’t forget to have a pint of Welsh ale in the restaurant at the top. Would love to join you at Capel Curig on Friday evening, but am booked up this weekend. It has a youth hostel and some good pubs. A fitting end to the day’s climb. Hope the weather stays fine for you this week. Go for it!!!

  102. Hi Adam
    Your comment about the benefits of no-showers campsites shows that you are well into the way of life of this walk!
    All the best

    1. Yes indeed! Much to my disappointment but no doubt to the relief of the people of Llangurig, there are in fact showers at tonight’s campsite! So now I am clean, which is a bit of a novelty..

  103. Hi Adam, well done on getting to under a 1,000 miles to walk, phew! Seems like the weather is being kinder to you and it must be fascinating watching the seasons change as you are walking. Enjoy your Easter ,you deserve all the chocolate you get . Keep smiling, Judy x

    1. Hi Judy – thanks for your comments! So far so good and am really enjoying the sunshine! I have a nasty feeling in may not last so am enjoying it while I can! Still – I’ve come equipped for all weathers, so will cope with whatever the elements throw at me.. Cheers!

  104. So pleased to hear you enjoyed the Wye Valley, has always been a favourite of mine.
    Where do you plan to be in a month’s time – will you still be walking? I might come and join you for an hour or two, which is all I will be up to, you will be so fit by then….
    Following your progress with interest and envy
    Alison (+Pete who is out of internet contact right now)

    1. Hi Alison I think in a months time I will be somewhere in the Scottish Borders. But plans change rapidly to follow the blog to see where I am! Would be great to have some company along the way! Hope all well with you all and the projects all going well. About to sett off to Hay on Wye over the Black Mountains now. And the sun is shining! 🙂

  105. hello, much easier maths question tonight, phew. I just wanted to reassure you that as soon as I read the name Pandy I thought of Fireman Sam and I wonder if you have met Norman Price yet? He ll be stuck up on that ridge tomorrow I think. I have had no beers , these are my own random thoughts, if that reassures you or not.. Good luck and hope you feel better tomorrow x

    1. Thanks Michelle! Glad I’m not the only one! I’m going to retire to bed now (well actually I have some cake in my tent which I am going to eat first) so I will be reinvigorated for tomorrow’s challenge!

  106. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s SuperAdam! Was amazed to see you clocked a top speed of 1,292kph mid-way through your walk today!! Did you jump off the valley edge into the river Wye? Keep going at that speed and you’ll be at JOG before you know it.

    1. Ah yes it is what we scientists know as an artefact. I think it happened near Llandogo this lunchtime – I noticed around there that for some reason the GPS signal was temporarily lost. When this happens, when the signal is regained it can cause the system to think you have moved a considerable distance in effectively no time. I think it probably happened because I was in a valley and for some reason line-of-sight to the satellites must have been briefly lost.

  107. Hi Adam – well done on cracking that first long leg of your 4 stage journey North. Looks like you are heading into the sort of country you like best now. When you get to Machynlleth don’t do what we did and go to the local non Indian Indian restaurant – mind you it would make good copy for your blog. Hope those knees keep holding you up!
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Keith – really looking forward to the trek through Wales – though it does look a bit hilly!! Will take advice and probably get fish and chips in Machynlleth.. Now trying to find a good route to Monmouth and can’t decide between Wye Valley Walk and Offa’s Dyke. An abundance of National Trails!

  108. Really enjoying the daily log. Great photos too, so keep them coming. I loved the locomotive on the West Somerset Railway and my knowledge of flora and fauna has increased immensely over the past weeks. You’ve done extraordinarily well and I have told a few of my clients to keep a watch out for you. So if you saw anyone waving a Quilter Cheviot contract note at you in Bude or Minehead, you’ll know who to blame! At least the weather had dried up a bit, but I expect you are battling for space with all the holidaymakers. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Tim great to hear from you! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I’m now well into Wales (well Chepstow at least) and re-planning my route to Monmouth tomorrow to find an option that is relatively flat! So far not too bad with holidaymakers but if the good weather continues (and I sincerely hope it does!!) then next weekend could be a bit more difficult over the bank holiday. but so far so good!

  109. Hi Adam,
    Welcome to Wales. I am there also, staying at Mount Pleasant Hotel in Llanberis at the foot of Mount Snowdon. It is a small hotel run by friends of mine. By the look of your route map, you may be passing or staying a night in Llanberis before you climb Snowdon in early May. If so, I would love to meet you there and treat you to B&B in the hotel. Hope it’s not Sat 3rd May, as I’ve got tickets with my son to see West Ham thrash Spurs that day. Have you any idea yet when you might be there? Enjoy Wales.
    Go 8-4=… it!!!

    1. Hi Brian – that’s really kind of you! I’m very grateful for the super offer!
      Best estimate is that I will be in Snowdon area sometime around Thursday / Friday /Saturday 24/25/26 April but approaching from South (Bethania) then leaving to the East (Pen-y-pas) so not going to Llanberis. But suggest watching this space as plans for Snowdonia still a bit uncertain!

      1. Hi Adam,
        Sorry you won’t be passing Llanberis. I can see why from your route. I’ve just had 3 great days on the hills around there. You must be ahead of schedule, if you expect to arrive in Snowdonia at the end of next week, but unfortunately I’m booked up all that weekend. Love to join you sometime and give you a night’s B&B (might find you a barber as well) – see how you go later.
        Not a good walking today for you according to your log. Hope the Black Mountains are better for you tomorrow and the fine weather continues.
        Go for it!!!

        1. Hi Brian
          Sorry our paths won’t cross. But would be delighted to take up the offer of a haircut at a suitable point.. Just hoping that the good weather holds till I get to Snowdon at the end of next week – but that might be too much to ask!! Cheers

  110. Hi Adam,
    Good to meet up today.We got back in about 6. Will enjoy following your travels and hopefully you will get to meet up with Jake and Rob again in Japan. Good luck and watch out for that sun burn!

    1. Thanks Caroline! Great to see you and Jake and Rob for the Bridge crossing. I really enjoyed it! Now safely installed in Chepstow and wondering where I can get a sun hat…

  111. Hello lovely day here went to Kirling Tower to see ex lodger who is now head gardener. Had a Skype with Jessie and Lara in Berlin they ate looking for new apartment in Prenzlaurberg . Hope to see them in London for May late bank holiday – or we go to Berlin early June. Will invite Val for weekend. Pls forward her phone number xx keep warm and cheerful . Zoe in Bristol xx Lizzie

    1. Hi Lizzie
      Great to hear from you. Glad the family is doing well! I’ve emailed Val’s phone number separately. Hope you get it OK – if not, put another message here and I’ll try again
      In Chepstow now, enjoying the sunshine in Wales!

  112. Hi Adam,
    Are you staying in a Travelodge in Bristol tonight? You didn’t mention anything about camping. Glad you had a good day. Go for it!!!

    1. Hi Brian – yes, staying with relatives in Bristol so a proper bed. Luxury!

  113. Hi Adam,

    Just found out you were literally in our back yard last Wed (day 17 to you, we live in the small chocolate box hamlet of Bossington!). Shame we didnt know but you did say you had a good night up at the campsite. Our son Jake is with 1st Watchet Sea Scout Explorers and a Young Leader with 1st Exmoor and is heading off to Japan and the Jamboree with the Somerset Unit next year.

    As it was Jake was on day 3 of his walk – the Coleridge Way heading back to Porlock from Nether Stowey via Monksilver and Wheddon Cross ending up here on April 9th his 15th birthday as a Jamboree fundraiser of you’d been a day later you could have joined us for roast pork on the beach!

    Good luck with your journey as you head off across the Channel tomorrow , think its fantastic what you are doing for these scouts.
    The Ellis Family

    1. Hi Carline:
      How great to hear from you! I did enjoy my brief sojourn in Bossington – sorry we didn’t meet, it would have been good to catch up. Maybe I’ll meet up with Jake in Japan next year, as I’m going as part of the International Support Team. Tell him to look out for me – I’ll be cleaning the toilets, probably! Crossing the Severn to Wales tomorrow – a new chapter in the journey!

    1. Hi Hannah – Yes – Bristol is a bit of a landmark! I’m delighted to be here. Wales is next on the agenda – a new chapter in the journey begins!

  114. Hi Adam,
    Glad you got a warm glow from the power station. Are you going near any nuclear ones?
    Might get your pals in the NDA to sponsor you as you pass! Go for it!!!

  115. Hi Adam, good to see you can wear shorts today ! Finally the weather must be getting better for you .
    Still enjoying the photos, so great that your iphone is fixed ! Judy

  116. A bit of local knowledge for you Adam. The Glastonbury -esque object that you photographed on Wearyall Hill, is in fact the Glastonbury Thorn. It is allegedly a descendant of the plant brought to this country by Joseph of Arimathea . It was badly damaged a couple of years ago, and new “relatives” which have been planted there keep getting damaged. The Queen is sent a sprig at Christmas.

  117. Hi Adam
    Thought about you and your walk quite a lot today as Helen and I walked The Fairfield Horseshoe – 11 miles with 4,085 ft of ascent. And the first day with no rainfall at all today. Back home tomorrow though, so it’ll be back to a more regular reading of your blog and your GPS stats! Keep up the good work!

    Dave and Helen

    1. Brilliant Dave – I think the Fairfield Horseshoe is one of the best walks in the Lakes. And if the weather was as good for you as it was for me today, I expect the views would have been stunning. Hope return to post-hiking real world isn’t too traumatic!

  118. Hi Adam,
    Love the pic of the sunrise over Quantock Hills. Really stunning.

    1. Thanks, Sue – it was a great day today. After so much rain, I am really appreciating a bit of sunshine!

  119. A comparison between your GPS locations and the West Somerset Railway timetable suggests that your Minehead – Blue Anchor timing just happened to let you see both of today’s operational steam locomotives – assuming, of course, that the trains were running on time.

    I hope the approach to Blue Anchor from the west was less stony underfoot than I remember it.


    1. Hi Martin
      I think I just missed the steam departure from Minehead – possibly because I think the GPS Beacon timings are Universal Time not BST – i.e. 1 hour behind BST. But I did see a West Country class 4-6-2 “Wadebridge” in the sidings and just for you and any other steam aficionados who may be reading this, I will include a picture in my blog later tonight…
      Approach to Blue Anchor was fine – I walked along the beach as the tide was out. Path between BA and Watchet has collapsed tho, so had to make extensive detour

  120. Managed a run of 18.5 miles and 3600′ of ascent on Saturday in sympathy. Took nearly 4 hours and I was quite broken by the end. Quite certain that I couldn’t do that everyday to match you. I am impressed by your progress – keep up the good walk. Look after those knees and if in doubt – slow down. It worked for me on Saturday except I did cause one of a group of D of E walkers to scream as I shuffled gently passed them covered in mud, sweat and an amusing hat – or more likely an alarming hat judging by the reaction – my case comes up Thursday.

    1. Hi Skon
      18.5 mi and 3600 ft in under 4 hr is v impressive. Would have taken me two and a half times as long, at least – and that’s without scary hat!
      Am doing everything to save time, distance and knees. That’s the great thing about LEJOG – I make the rues, so anything goes!

  121. Hi Adam, Glad you had a dry day and enjoyed the stunning Alpine scenery. “The hills (should have been) alive with the Sound of Music….” Did you sing it yourself? Some nice pubs in Porlock – hope you manage to sample a few tonight. Hope the weather stays fine for you for the rest of the week and the hills are lower. Go for it!!!

  122. Welcome to sunny Somerset. Enlarging a map I have just discovered that you arrive at Glastonbury /Street on Friday night. We are 7 miles to the south. The bed and breakfast offer is there or perhaps we could meet.

    1. Hi Sue and Bren. Hey – am I in Somerset now? Wow! Devon only lasted six days!! Don’t know about Glastonbury – Val is coming down that night to meet me for a flying visit so am not sure if logistics will work. But the offer is v kind – will email you if it’s going to be poss.

  123. Hi Adam, you know Lynton & Lymouth are called Little Switzerland. You can see why now, I’ve had many happy holidays in the area, and one of my favourite walks was the walk up Watersmeet from Lymouth town. Keep up the good work, the hilly Devon coastline is nearly over, just have to get over Porlock hill!! Take care Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy – your comment is really appropriate – I was thinking that the area near Watersmeet that I was walking through this morning was just like the Alps. I’ve never been here before and thought it was stunningly beautiful. Now scaled most of the hills and at Porlock Weir having a cup of tea in – wait for it – the SUNSHINE!!

  124. Hi again Adam
    Helen and I are in the Lake District this week (so is Al) and we have been experiencing similar weather to you, although to be fair we’re not camping out in it, nor carrying a tent etc. through it, so we’re cheating by comparison. It’s still great to read your blog and follow your progress each day though – do keep it up!

    Unfortunately too late to be of any help to you, but I was surprised to see you didn’t call at Hunters Inn near Heddon’s Mouth, which is about the halfway point between Combe Martin and Lynton, and has both a pub and a teashop! Maybe next time?

    1. Hi Dave and Helen. To be fair yes I did see te Hunters Unn signs yesterday. But it Wa about a mile up the road from the coast path, and 200 ft climbing. It would have taken an hour to get there and eat and I decided at that star the effort / reward ratio didn’t stack up. Also I had a packet of biscuits with me from the previous day that I was quite keen to eat to lighten the load in my rucksack!

      Hope you have a great time in the Lakes and say hi to Al. Is he D of E -ing??

  125. Adam, very much enjoying your daily blog and much like all other followers finding it compulsive, must read activity every evening. I feel like I really know the South West coast path without ever having been there! Thank you. Impressed by your day of records today but noticed you did not mention the record speed of 14kph that your GPS tracker recorded mid-way through todays leg – or did you attach to fast moving local wildlife? Brilliant so far!!

    1. Hi Steve – most of the local wildlife is of the molluscan variety therefore exceptionally slow moving. Not sure what happened to cause the 14kph blip because I certainly never exceeded about a 10th of that! Glad you like the blog. Currently writing this from tent 900ft up on Exmoor. Its pitch black outside and the wind is howling. Going to retire to bed now and hope the tent stays upright for the night! Cheers

  126. Hi Adam,

    It looks like you’re making good progress so far, I hope your feet are still blister free?! Let me know if you have time to meet up in Bristol as you’re passing through.

    Cheers, Ally

    1. Hi Ally. Hope you’re enjoying the new job! I will prob be in Bristol in about a week – but may be staying with relatives so not sure exactly what plans will be. If I get a moment would be great to meet for a coffee so will let you know closer to the time. Cheers!

      1. Hi Adam,

        We’ll be in the office on Wednesday and Thursday next week so if this coincides with your trek through the area then please let me know and we’ll join you for a coffee or walk with you for a mile or so!

        Cheers, Ally

        1. Hi Ally – I think I will be passing through Bristol early on Monday morning – I’ve got to get to Chepstow that day so quite a tight schedule – but would be delighted if you’d like to join me for an early stroll..

          1. Adam, unfortunately I’m not back in Bristol until later in the week but I think Ellie may be in touch to join you tomorrow for a mile or so. Good luck with the rest of the trip, I look forward to seeing photos of your journey through the highlands! Cheers, Ally

            1. Hi Ally – sorry I will be missing you. Ellie has been in touch and we will see if we can meet up. Cheers!

  127. Hi Adam – just a quick well done on the progress you are making . That buddy red line of yours is starting to snake up the country! Hope the sun comes out, but I know that you weirdly love a bit of bad weather (something to do with your ability to take on a tan I think….).
    Best wishes for the week ahead.

    1. Cheers Keith. I am rusting not tanning at moment! I am hoping that tomorrow really will e a bit brighter!! But as we all know, tomorrow never comes!

  128. Hi Adam. I’m just back from watching West Ham. Unfortunately we got beaten 1-2 by Liverpool, who are on a roll at the top of the table. A good match and WH played well. Sorry to hear that you’ve had torrential rain again. It must be very depressing, yet you manage to report many positive sights on the way. Hope going east will be better for you. Go for it!!!

    1. Hi Brian – in pub at moment making a pint and a curry last as long as I possibly can before ga==having to venture out into cold and wet again!

  129. blimey, this maths in the evening before I post a message is really taxing. do you get strange looks when you order all the carbs on the menu? I do hope it stops raining soon. have a good, hoot free night x

    1. Hmm. Sorry about the maths. I must admit I start to struggle when it gets more complicated than [Blank] x 2 = six But continuing the carbs theme – am having Chicken Tikka Marsala and treacle sponge pudding with custard for dinner. Yum.

  130. Adam,
    Your blog has now become compulsory reading in yet another O’Hara home. When do you move inland, as we live 30 miles from the Somerset coast and could have offered you a comfortable bed for a night.

    1. Hi Sue and Bren – glad you like it! Heading off to Coombe Martin now – drizzly at moment but not actually pouring. Watch out Somerset – here I come!

  131. Great blogging Adam, and glad that all seems to be going well – not too wet, and the food sounds good. Really like that beach hut picture from 5 April!


    Jim, Tanya, Rebecca

    1. Thanks! The beach huts had been put away for the winter and were just being re installed in the beach yesterday. Complete with new coat of paint they actually looked v appealing!

  132. shucks, Adam, where are the pictures of the lollipop men! Looks like life is improving for you, have a good evening x

    1. Yes I wanted to get a pic of the lollipop men but there were more of them than there were of me so decided discretion was better part of valour!

  133. Trying to work out where you are camping in Woolacombe – in someone’s garden by the look of it on satellite
    Hope weather is improving – I see you are coming right to the mouth of the Kelvin! Any idea when that is going to be?

    1. Ah yes well spotted – stayed with friends in Woolacombe last night so had a proper night in a bed! Returning to camping now, tho, for next few days till Taunton / Bridgewater area then poss a B&B. Not sure when I reach Kelvin – will look at projected timings and reassess eta. Will try an drop you an email tonight, if I get chance. Cheers!

  134. Hi Adam, “You could almost hear the grass grow”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going all arty on us?
    Glad you had a good, dry, sunny day. Go for it!!!

    1. Yes though as I write this from my tent nestled between the sewage works and the dual carriageway, it’s not the grass I can hear but the b****y owls again! Yes, the night’s hooting has begun. 🙁

  135. Hi Adam, sounds like you had a better day today. Great photos of the Tarka trail. We cycled along it a couple of years ago and yes it is lovely and flat! Love the pictures of the flowers- it really feels like spring now! Well done for completing your first county. We have really enjoyed looking at your progress. Will keep in touch. Good luck for the weekend! 🙂

    1. Hi to the Coopers! A good day today, thanks. Just enjoying fish and chips in Squires fish an chip shop in Braunton. Brilliant end to the day!

  136. Hi Adam. A multiplication sum to do today to log in. Hard going in the evenings!
    So sorry you’re having all that rain each day. It must be so upsetting for walking in. I’m surprised you manage to dry yourself out at night at a campsite. But all the more credit to you for doing so. Go for it!!!

    1. Hi Brian Hope the maths wasn’t too difficult 😉 There’s not a lot you can do about the rain – except cope and do your utmost to keep your sleeping bag dry! I am finding campsite loo roll invaluable for mopping out the inside of the tent before I go to bed and when I get up. Also one B&B a week gives me chance to get stuff dry.

  137. Hi Adam,
    Your daily blog is now compulsive reading. Great that you have made your first county crossing into Devon. With you all the way. Total respect. Xx

    1. Thanks Sue. Just getting up now and heading toward Westward Ho! today Only uk town with an exclamation mark in its name..

  138. Hi Adam, had you carried that Ambrosia Cream Rice all the way from day 1? I’d had eaten it long before. A good day today and a log from the remote hotel, you feared would have no wifi. No pub either, I suppose. Will you be able to walk tomorrow with out a pint inside you? Go for it!!!

    1. Cheers Brian. No heroics I’m afraid – I bought the Ambrosia in the YH shop!

  139. I cannot decide if I feel more sorry for you eating tinned food in a yoof hostel or those poor abandoned goldfish, lord knows where they came from! I think the fish win. Amazing photos of the rock slabs and the giant hare, are you sure you are not alice in wonderland? good luck, hope the sun shines tomorrow x

    1. Hi Michelle – the dinner was lovely. PROPER food! So I think I’d feel more sorry for the goldfish… Though they seemed to be splashing about quite contentedly!

    1. Hi Martin – yes!!! I came across a sign late this afternoon which had been put up by DEVON county Council. So after 10 days of walking and nearly 200 miles, I have finally left Cornwall, my first county. A real landmark!!

  140. Glad its going well it makes for great bed time reading catching up on how your day has gone. Yesterday it bought back such happy memories of our holiday in Cornwall last summer having walked the camel trail from Wadebridge to Padstow. We had a great meal in the Blue tomato cafe in rock that I am sure you saw on your visit there.
    Happy travels and we look forward to the next instalment.
    Love Caron and martin.

    1. Hi Caron and Martin – how funny – the posh breakfast pictured in my blog the other day was actually taken in the Blue Tomato café in Rock! I really enjoyed it but am not sure the café enjoyed having me quite as much. When I asked for a slice of treacle tart, the waitress said “will that be to TAKE AWAY, sir?” with a great deal of optimism that I would just pay and go away. She seemed very disappointed when I said I’d like to eat in – so she sat me well away from the door, out of sight of the other guests!! I thought it rather amusing, actually!

  141. Hi Adam, Glad you had a good day. You deserve it. Tintagel castle is great – we visited it last year when our plans for that day’s walk failed. Read you report on last week and I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself for not using ferries – hope you don’t have to walk up one side of the Great Glen in the Highlands and back again!!! Is there a plan anywhere as to where you might be each day, so I could plan to meet you somewhere?
    Hope you have another good night tonight and Go for it tomorrow!!!

    1. Hi Brian – did another 21 miles today and now at Elmscott YH – a remote spot, near Hartland Point. A bit hard to predict where I will be, when – reluctant to make projections as it changes on an almost day by day basis. Just email me when you would like to come over and I can let you know where I am likely to be. Cheers

  142. Nearly failed the security question in my haste to send you a message!!!!

    Fantastic photos today Adam and looks like you enjoyed the sun. How nice that you don’t have to pitch your tent tonight .Enjoy the luxury and hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    Judy B

    1. Thanks Judy – in Elmscott Youth Hostel near Hartland Point tonight. Arrived about 5 – there are only 2 other people staying! Another good ay – not quite as spectacular as yesterday, but enjoyable nonetheless!

  143. Congratulations Adam! At some point on today’s walk you finished climbing Everest (well, the cumulative height equivalent, anyway) – and still you keep on climbing. Epic.

  144. Very impressed by the blog and all the photos, Adam. Entirely agree about Newquay – only attraction is the surfing on Fistral Beach. Lovely part of the country to be walking in – shame the weather has been so mixed. Hope it gets better – at least warmer if not dryer.

    1. Hi David – today was much better! Lovely walk through Tintagel and Boscastle. Lots of ups and downs but scenery so spectacular I hardly noticed!

  145. Hi Adam, just read your blog, looking good so far, great photos, keep it up. Sandy

    1. Thanks Sandy. It’s really hard work, but I’m enjoying it. The bit round Tintagel and Boscastle today was stunning – particularly since the sun shone all day! Just off to pub now for a beer to celebrate!

  146. Well done Adam. Glad you made it to Rock. Have you sampled the local Doom Bar bitter yet? A great pint. Go for it!!!

  147. Hi Adam
    Well done on getting through your first week – it threw almost everything at you and you (literally) soaked it up and moved on!

    And thanks for the email update too – you mentioned getting into a routine: I find that I’m getting into one too – first thing I do as I’m starting work is to get the ViewRanger Buddy beacon set up to follow your progress for the day, and after dinner in the evening I’m there checking for your blog, as well as looking out for your Facebook posts and tweets. I feel a combination of jealousy (wish I was there, even when the weather is foul) and admiration (probably wouldn’t be able to keep up if I WAS there!). I’m also probably not alone in thinking, at the end of a hard day’s work, I can’t really see what I’ve achieved today, but look at how far Adam has gone!

    Finally, I have a quick question for you – how do you manage to keep all your devices constantly charged up? have you come close to running out of juice at any point?


    1. Hi Dave
      So far power not been a problem – most pubs have both WiFi (for blog) and plugs (for charging) but just in case they don’t I have 3 mobile phone data dongles (so hopefully will be able to get a signal on at least one of them) and three lithium ion batteries which I recharge when I am in B&B – I reckon I have power for a week even if I don’t have access to a socket

  148. Congratulations on your first week. Looks like you are making great progress even with the tough weather. All the best!

  149. Hi Adam! Enjoying reading your blog…my best friend from school lives in Wadebridge and we spend many happy hours there! Glad to hear the sun is shining on you. We have just returned from Wales and a fab Mothers Day visit to see Merry…couple of beautiful days on the Gower…Hope you continue to enjoy your special trip and that we see you when you get further North. Son xx

      1. When you reach here, you would be VERY welcome to recharge metaphorically and literally…if it suits your planned route…we will definitely meet up with you anyway…So glad the sun has shone on you today. That N Cornwall section is very dramatic and beautiful, but each section has its own character doesn’t it?

        1. Hi Son and Rob – that’s really kind – I will definitely take you up on your offer! The coastal path is brilliant – but without doubt the hardest long distance path I have ever walked, by a long way! the constant ups and downs are an absolute killer and I am regularly climbing 3000-5000 ft a day. Really looking forward to the “boring” bit round Barnstaple – because it’s flat!!

  150. So good to hear that you’re making good progress. Very impressed by the mileage so far, and tracking your progress is such a wonderful way to watch the miles go down. I’m leaving for Japan tomorrow (which I thought I’d mention because of the cause you’re raising money for) and I’ll be keeping a close eye, even when out of the country. Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Hannah. Inching forward but the first 139 miles already in the bag! Hope you enjoy Japan – and you’re right, I’m collecting money to help support scouts or guides to go to the world scout jamboree in Japan in 2015. Nearly £6k so far!

  151. Hi Adam,
    I’m not sure if you know about the complicated sums that we have to do to avoid spam and get access to send you a message. Today’s is 1+…=2. Doh!
    Glad you had a sunny day like us, but obviously not so warm. Padstow sounded great – did you miss Rick Stein’s cook shop – the famous one? i walked the Camel Trail to Wadebridge when I finished my 40 mile coastal walk in a week last year. Makes me ashamed to think about what you’re doing. Anyway enjoy the B&B tonight and have a few pints perhaps??? Go for it!!!

  152. Been at Rowan Tree all weekend chain sawing and spring cleaning – getting prepared for the Dawsons coming to visit in the summer
    Internet REALLY slow ? satellite problems so no messages since friday
    Enjoy B and B

    1. Hey Graham that’s really great. Simply can’t wait to come to Rowantree this summer. Will need to think of a suitable Munro to tackle while we are there – Beinn a’Bhuird, perhaps? PS re internet perhaps the satellite dish has gone out of alignment in the storms? Hope the lawns are in good shape, by the way..

  153. Adam
    Really enjoying reading your blogs. I don’t know how you have the energy for putting all the info in after such long (and wet) days. Cumbria has been very spring-like today. Really hope you’ve had some of the same!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, John. Today has been much better than the previous six – no rain at all, and about 5 degrees warmer, but still with a strong easterly wind. Some of my stuff is actually beginning to dry out! Am trying to avoid looking at the long-range weather forecast though – sometimes it’s just better not to know! Cheers

  154. Keep going Adam! While you were slogging along in the rain yesterday , 2nd Amersham Common Scouts had one of their famous jumble sales, raising over £500. The group has kindly decided to donate a sixth of the proceeds to your fundraising efforts!

    1. That’s really great news! When we know the exact amount raised, I’ll make a donation of one sixth via JustGiving. Please say a big thanks to all 2AC supporters for their generosity.

    1. Yes indeed. Came across three more of them today, but none as spectacular as the one on Pentire Head. It feels like the whole country is dissolving beneath my feet!

  155. Hi Adam. Another good day’s walking, I read. Don’t forget you have one hour’s less sleep tonight. Go for it!!!

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Brian! My phone, which I am using as an alarm clock, must have automatically adjusted itself in the night because when it went off at 7 this morning I got up and thought it was a bit gloomy everywhere. Also I was more bleary-eyed than usual and now I know the reason why! So it means I will have an hour more daylight this evening, which will be handy.

  156. Glad the weather picked up for you yesterday. We have a good weekend forecast here, so hope it’s the same for you. You might even see some fellow walkers this weekend, or will the P Pirates of Newquay follow you? Go for it!!!

    1. Hi Brian – it’s still cold and wet here – it did stop raining this afternoon, but has started again just now! Am keenly awaiting this much-forecast break in the weather! A few hardy souls braving the elements today, but mostly I have the whole coast to myself. Brilliant!

  157. Hi Adam, really enjoying reading your daily log and looking at the fantastic pictures. Well done this week, you must be looking forward to sleeping in a bed this weekend. Enjoy it! Rich and Judy Benmore

    1. Hi Judy – yes, progressing well so far. Just wishing it would stop raining! And yes also I am looking forward to a night in a B&B tomorrow. Will give me a chance to get some of my stuff dry!

  158. goodness me, Adam, I do feel cold for you ! Hope you have warmed up and are relaxing with those pirates. I enjoy reading your updates, always informative. You should have a section for Adam ‘s Fact of The Day! Hope the showers get working and the sun comes out for you xxxxx

    1. Hi there I complained about the showers and they are now fixed. Hooray. There is a sign in them though which says “caution – water may be hot”. The emphasis I think is on the word “may”

  159. That would be good. Hopefully I’ll be there around the time you make it further north . I’ll keep up with your progress and let you know .

  160. Try again, on 17.31 from Edinburgh home. Meeting ended & they didnt want to hear about the NDA! Sorry to hear about blister & all that rain. Better day tomor? Go for it!!

  161. Looks like hard work so far – so not clear why I am so envious but I certainly am. Indeed now looking forward each morning to seeing how you’ve got on !

  162. How did u manage 4000ft of climbing???? I did that a few years ago & dont remember that. Well done anyway. Sent from Edinburgh pub of the year 2009. Go for it!!!

  163. WOW! Hope you’re wearing comfy shoes! With very best wishes and admiration, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah – well I think they are comfy as I haven’t got any blisters yet! But I have a layer of compeed over the most sensitive bits so not really sure what’s going on… hope you’re all doing well!

  164. Adam – Glad to see you’re off to a strong start! Must say I’m very jealous, despite your having slept in a pond – it still beats sitting in an office on Whitehall. Plus you can put away unlimited quantities of food with impunity (and evidently are, by the sound of things)…

    1. Yes indeed – this is much better than work! (only joking…) Having pizza and red wine now so it’s not hardship all the way..

    1. Luckily although it went right through the sole, it was in the heel, which was thicker. Didn’t puncture my skin, fortunately. I think the rubber of the sole has sealed itself because it doesn’t seem tpo be leaking… yet…

  165. Thanks for your email, Adam. I even got an extra 25% on Gift Aid. Glad you got lands End out of the way. It’s all northwest from now on. Hope the weather improves for you tomorrow, without the thorns!. I’m off to Edinburgh tomorrow for the chemistry conference, so I’ll try to keep up with you on my phone. Go for it!!!!

  166. Hi Adam well done on another epic one today – that was an impressive breakfast even for you.
    Whatever you do don’t look at your own blog because it tells you have many miles you still have to do…I feel fair worn out just reading it.
    Here’s hoping the winds at your back tomorrow (and every day come to that).

    1. Thanks Keith! It was indeed an epic breakfast yesterday. Today’s was much more modest but am making up for it with Pizza and red wine in St Ives. V nice!

  167. I’ve always been interested in LEJOG walks, and one day I’ll do it myself. I’ve never before found a blog that’s “live” while I’m reading it, so I can’t wait to read about your progress throughout the coming days and weeks. Thanks for sharing your walks and adventures, and the tracking gps is wonderful too. Good luck on your very long walk.

  168. Yay! Not only can you maintain an amazing pace walking for miles in the pouring rain, but you have also fixed the image problem on your terrifically efficient, informative and interactive website. Tremendous achievement – you deserve a pint and a big dinner. I hope you get one!

    Jealously watching your progress from my desk as you hurtle around Cornwall.

    1. Thanks Dave – just enjoyed sticky toffee pudding, steak pie and red wine. Not in that order. Now off back to soggy tent. Ugh..

  169. Hi Adam,
    Didn’t seem like a particularly pleasant first day’ walking with that weather. The ups and downs are certainly quite challenging as well. Hope you got a good night’s sleep in your tent and have a better day today. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Adam, I wish you good luck, and I hope the wind stays at your back. I will be following your journey on your blog. I am sharing your journey with my grand children so they will be learning about the UK.

  171. Adam,
    Hope the first day has started well (helluva first leg!) and the stop tonight isn’t accompanied by too many aches and pains.
    Have left the laptop with regular updates on the live map as a far more interesting thing to watch than the miserable news from the BBC!
    Very best wishes,

    1. Thanks Tim Sitting in Kings Arms in Marazion with a pint mow. 25 miles and 6,000 ft climbing a bit more than I expected for first day!

  172. Go Adam! But take it easy this morning – looks like it will stop raining by about 1 pm! Then perhaps it’ll be glorious sunshine all the way. Hoping to see you at some point, but I don’t know where or when.

      1. Sorry! Unreliable weather data supplied by the BBC. Presumably from the Met Office. On the plus side, things can only get better!

        FYI the links to the full size images on the blog for yesterday and today don’t appear to be working – not sure if that’s something you can fix or if you need to pass that on to your webmaster.

  173. Good luck and safe journey. Remember every journey no matter how short or long starts with the same single step, and you can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a time. Enjoy your journey

  174. Good luck Adam. Hope you enjoy good weather all the way and looking forward to following your progress. Xx

  175. Adam,
    Wishing you all the very best for your great endeavour. Mightily impressed by what you are undertaking. Savour the sights along the way and the conversations with those you meet. I hope LE2JOG is a safe and problem-free walk. A coeur vaillant, rien impossible!
    Best wishes, Michel

    1. Hi Seth – thanks for the good wishes. All going well – passed 200 mile mark today – only 1,300 left to go! Just wish it would stop raining…

  176. Fantastic fundraising event last night organised by Helen and Nick of Hill House B&B
    Raised over £500. Total now stands at £3500 – aiming for £4k by the time I set off. Less than a month to go!
    Sincere thanks to all my generous sponsors

    1. Hi I’m Andy I sent a e-mail to you earlier but I’m not sure if it sent, I am also planning on walking the length of Britain in 2014 , I have all the kit and have done what I think is enough training I am hopefully going down t lands end when the weather gets better and giv it my all, I think the idea t climb the 3 peaks on the way is a great idea and am well up for it , plz tb as I’d like some company

        1. Hi just wondering when yers r training do you Carry your tent and everything you need for the walk or just day sack plz tb I’m just getting back into training and started walkin tday as the weathers better Gud luck .

          1. Hi Andy
            I am doing practice walks with day pack. Doing test 2 day walk with full gear shortly

  177. Adam, good luck with your journey. As the the jamboree unit leader for Rob in Sweden, and part of the team supporting units going to Japan, you desire as a parent to support others is inspirational, and I applaud you for doing this massive challenge. I have spread the link to you web site as far and wide as I can in the hope it gains some donations and support for a great cause.

    1. Hi Paul:
      Thanks so much for your kind comments and also for forwarding on Facebook and retweeting. Really appreciated! I set off at the end of March next year and am getting my gear and training now. Only about 15 weeks till I set off. beginning to get real now!

  178. Great news – Fox’s Outdoor sports of Amersham have agreed to provide me with a free-of-charge rucksack and sleeping bag for my walk. Really generous!

  179. Now back in the “real” world again, but took advantage of a break in the weather to go on a 7 mile circular walk from Amersham, including Shardeloes and the Old Town. Was good to put the boots on again before returning to work!

  180. Hello Adam & Val – I’ve been following your progress with interest on the Viewranger live feed – fantastic job linking it all together and an excellent, fully responsive website. Great to see you had a beautiful day yesterday – looking at today’s forecast I’m guessing it may be bucketing at the moment, but chin up! – there’s more sunshine just around the corner for this afternoon. Enjoy!

  181. I love your description of last nights b&b. It was indeed quirky! Thanks for a great walk .. The scenery is magnificent , the company great and your navigation and arrangements are superb!

  182. Excellent evening meal at The Old Repeater Station tonight. Served with lashings of chili beer to complete the experience? Very remote, wind and rain battering the windows at moment. Most atmospheric!

    1. Just leaving Chollerford. Cafe at Chesters fort closed for winter but there is one at nearby garage by the bridge which is highly recommended. Excellent rock buns!

  183. I am liking this bog and website –
    I promise I will sponsor you for next year
    Do we not see anyone comments from anyone else

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The reason nobody else’s comments are visible is because nobody else has commented! If you scan down far enough though, there are some test blogs from iPrestwood, though…

  184. The sums are easy. Hope it is drier at the border than here in Glasgow – very wet Waverley just sailed past

    1. Hi Graham great to hear from you. Weather not too bad though heavy shower near Carlisle. In Walton tonight; off to pub in a few mins!

  185. Hi Adam,

    The changes you have made to the website look fantastic!!

    Hopefully the message me page it working now.


    1. Hi Nathan
      Yes, it seems to be! I just need to tidy up a few bits and pieces then hopefully it will be all good to go. Am walking Hadrian’s Wall in a couple of weeks time and will test it out fully then. Cheers! Adam

        1. Hi Ray – nice to hear from you!!
          I’ll definitely check out the recipe when I get home – could be a bit tricky on a calor gas stove in a tent!! Cheers Adam

        2. Hi Ray
          Just checked it out and it sounds distinctly more appetising than my interpretation of the recipe! But nearly as artery clogging!!! Decided to content myself with Sticky Toffee Pudding (again) tonight! Cheers Adam

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