** READ THIS: Updates to style.css and comments.php in 2013 theme AND Facebook problem

The following changes have been made to style.css, comments.php in the 2013 theme and need to be manually reinstated if the theme is updated

Note – latest version of FaceBook plugin causes screen to display small on iPhones.  Correct this by using “button count” format, not “Standard”

NB it’s a good idea to copy all the text in style.css into Notepad and save it as a .txt file BEFORE updating (use appearance -> editor).  Then update the theme and do the same with the new style.css.

The old and new txt files can be compared using the “compare” function in Word so if the manual changes below don’t get the website back to the way it was before the update, it is possible to see what else might have changed and be causing the problem.

There are style.css txt files of ver 1.3 and 1.4 in Dropbox

There are also changes to comments.php – see below.



3.0 Basic Structure

fff -> bad7f2
(Changes background colour)

5.0 Content


max-width 604 ->1040
(Makes the website wider on a standard PC)
width 100% -> 98%
(Creates some space down the side of photos on the iPad so it is possible to scroll past them easily with your finger without clicking on them)

5.3 Entry content

wp-caption alignleft
margin-left -60px -> 0
wp-caption alignright
margin-right -60px -> 0
(Stops photos overspilling the edges of the website)

8.0 Media Queries max with 643 px


font-size 30px ->20px
(Makes “Adamswalk” text in banner at top of every page small enough to show on iPhone


The following change has been made to comments.php

<?php endif; // have_comments() ?>

<?php comment_form(); ?>


<?php endif; // have_comments() ?>
<a name=”commentbox”></a>
<a href=”#top”>Click here to return to top</a>
<?php comment_form(); ?>
(On the “contact me” page allows visitors to jump straight to the comments box and return to the top (ACTUALLY SEEMS TO WORK ON ALL PAGES))


Don’t forget to update footer.php

So it has correct Copyright info and NOT Proudly powered by WordPress