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People change with scenery

I met all sorts of interesting people along the way – both hikers like myself (though only two LEJOG-ers) and local residents.   It’s impossible to characterise people according to where they live, I found there was so much diversity.  But accents changed, of course, and in Wales, I found the local tongue charming to listen to but impossible to understand or read.   And in Scotland, the accents grew heavier and heavier, the further west i travelled.

I did notice though that probably the friendliest people, and the most generous, were those in the north of England (and I’m not just saying that because I come from Yorkshire…).   Read the “Scouts” blog, to learn in particular about the generosity of the people in Warrington.

Warrington - possibly the friendliest town I visited
Warrington – possibly the friendliest town I visited

One thing I did find is that there is a whole world going on out there between monday and friday which those of us stuck in offices all day never see.   Towns are thriving, and a sort of parallel universe exists living and existing alongside, but never overlapping, the evening and weekend world I inhabit.   And I did find, at the time of year I was walking outside they school holidays, that many of the popular paths were being trodden by clean-smelling newly-retireds, with time and energy on their hands.   If you happened to overhear snippets of their conversations, they were almost inevitably talking about parsnip soup, or jam.

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