Why? – keeping clean

https:e of the reasons why I chose to use recognised campsites where I could, rather than wild-camping: so I could get a shower in the evening.    This did make a huge difference to my quality of life, and it meant that my hiking gear lasted longer between needing to be washed.

Frozen towel after being tied to the tent overnight to “dry out”


The trouble with using the washing facilities on campsites is that you have to bring your own towel and shower gel – so I carried a very small flannel (which I could never get dry, so getting dry was more an exercise of water re-distribution) and a tiny bottle of shower gel (which I refilled if i could when I stayed at B&Bs).

I didn’t really try and wash clothes as I walked, simply because it was impossible to get anything dry.   Rather, I did my washing roughly once a week, when I stayed at a B&B.   there were usually radiators or other heaters where i could get stuff dry again.

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