22 Oct 2013: Holmhead to Haydon Bridge

22 Oct 2013: Holmhead to Haydon Bridge
Walk descriptor Hadrian’s Wall  
Day 04 Start to end time 08h 15m
Date Tue 22 Oct 2013 Cu miles 55.4
Start point Holmhead End point Haydon Bridge
Miles today 13.4 Miles left 37


Today’s weather Dull and overcast with stiff southwesterly breeze in the morning and heavy showers.   Warm sunshine at lunchtime then very heavy rain at the end of the day





Today’s location

(the red circle and cross shows where I am at the moment)

GPX based track of today’s walk

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An excellent day’s walking.   Plenty of “real” wall visible and added bonus of unexpectedly meeting friends at Housesteads fort towards the end.   In this section, Hadrian’s wall is built along the top of the Great Whin Sill – which makes for spectacular views.   The weather was a bit mixed, with warm sunshine mixed with torrential downpours.   Pete managed to collect some 23 geocaches, which was a personal record and pretty epic.   Passed the halfway point a couple of miles to the west of Housesteads.   Magnificent views North into Northumberland – huge expanses of not very much..  Excellent overnight stay at The Old Repeater Station, complete with chilli beer!


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)


IMG_2814  IMG_2833

I never look my best in the morning..

Daily life on the Hadrian’s Wall path!

IMG_2842 IMG_2855

At the top of Winshield Crags, 1100 feet, highest point on the Wall

Sycamore Gap.   Eat your heart out, Kevin Costner…

IMG_2861 IMG_2865

Sunshine after the rain, at Housesteads fort

Very wet trudge through gathering dusk, at the end of the walk


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